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Recap: At Least We Don't Wear Purple...

I'm not sure how much more we can say the same things about this year's team. Turnovers just absolutely kill us. I know we have a young team but at some point you have to take care of the ball and not beat yourselves and that is what Oregon is doing at this point in the season. No one has stepped up to be "the guy". If it isn't going to be TP or Catron (and it looks more and more like it won't), who will step up as the team leader on the floor? Who is going to step up and say "no more"?

Some thoughts on the game

  • Kam, Garrett and Tajuan combined for 15 turnovers and let the Washington starting backcourt go for 45 points. Not getting it done
  • Dunigan actually stayed in a game without getting into foul trouble and you can tell what a difference it makes to have him out on the floor. He was blocking shots, being disruptive but is still a year away from being a monster.
  • My personal opinion on Ernie is starting to shift from "solidly keep" to "indiferent" on the 'Need a new Coach' scale, not for the record this year, but being put in this position to suck so bad. We should be striving to reload, not rebuild.
  • Mac Court not sold out for the Huskies. How far have we fallen?
  • The shots are there to be made. At some point, the team has to make open shots. It isn't Ernie's fault that we can't make layups or open shots or free throws. The offense is putting players in position to knock things down. It just isn't happening.