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Recap: Oregon only lost by 12!

The Oregon basketball team made progress in their quest to average better than -15 in the point differential in Pac-10 games this season, losing to the Washington State Cougars by only 12!

Oh, wait, no. This team is terrible. They scored 17 points in the first half.

Defensively, I've seen worse. Though the Cougars are terrible offensively, it really wasn't that bad. However, the offensive side of the court, it was a nightmare. This team is one of the most undisciplined teams I've ever seen. They cannot set screens, that cannot block out, they cannot hit open shots. The offensive system consists of 4 guys standing on the perimeter, while one guy goes down low. They "pass" the ball a few times (I use this term loosely since they are terrible passers also) and are stuck with a terrible shot. A successful possession apparently consists of a wild shot within 15 feet of the basket. On occasion, someone will finally take charge and make a move to the basket, which will result in a turnover 50% of the time, as the other plays, shocked by actual movement, do nothing to help out the aggressive player.

There is absolutely nothing we've seen from this team in the past few games that can give us any hope. There is no any reason to think that this team could consistently score points. Every possession is a struggle. Nothing comes easy. And when the inevitable letdown occurs, the other team builds a seemingly insurmountable lead.

During the game, our bartender said that watching the game was like watching a high school game. It was that bad.

So where does it leave this team? I don't know. The are poorly coached, they don't execute, and don't pay with passion.

Improvement must be seen. But, at this point, I don't know where that will come from.