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Power Rankings: Men's Hoops Week 3

I have to admit, this week was a tough one to rank. Arizona State beats UCLA, but lost to USC who barely beat Arizona who got destroyed by UCLA. The polls were shaken up quite a bit this week. Click the jump to see if UCLA hung onto the top spot.

Rank (lw) Votes Team Conf Overall Comments
1 (1) 34 UCLA 4-1 14-3 Losing to Arizona State by 3 in overtime isn't a bad loss. Destroying Arizona by 23 was just fine. The loss doesn't cause enough damage to the Bruins to make them fall a spot.
2 (3) 32 Arizona State
4-2 15-3 Beating UCLA, good! Losing by 11 to USC? Not so good. A better performance against USC and the Sun Devils would have upended the Bruins in the rankings.
3 (2) 25 California 4-1
I'm sure TwistNHook has some excuse as to why the Bears lost to Stanford. My guess involves a bunch of Cardinal-created newspapers mentioning Montgomery spraining an ankle.
4 (5) 25 USC 3-2 12-5
2 good wins for USC this week against the Arizona schools but not a very dominating performance against the Wildcats.
5 (4) 24 Washington 4-1 13-4 The Huskies dominating in wins at the Oregon schools. The problem? Playing them is like playing Coastal Carolina in football and only serves to hurt you. At least the showings were dominant.
6 (8) 14 Washington St. 3-2 11-6 Solid win against Oregon and was taken to OT against the Beavers at Gil before finally getting the win. The Cougars seem pretty young but their talented senior guard is getting them through.
7 (7) 12 Stanford 2-3 12-3 A big win against Cal and Washington State jumps them? Maybe 2 wins against the Oregon schools this week will propel the Cardinal up the rankings.
8 (6) 10 Arizona 2-4 11-7 Heartbreaking loss against the Trojans this week and paid the price by dropping 2 spots.
9 (9) 3 Oregon St. 1-5 6-10 Forced Washington State to overtime but came away with the loss. For a team expected to lose all of their games, the Beavs are showing up and have proved that they can beat teams on any given day. It may still be a long year but the light is at the end of the tunnel.
10 (10) 1 Oregon 0-6 6-10 Losing to the Washington schools at home, Ernie gets tossed for the 1st time in his career, TP finally perks up on the ejection but too little too late. 3 games to go till the halfway point. The only brightside for the Ducks might be that they picked up a point in the power rankings. Miracles do happen