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Morning Quack Fix: 1.23.09

So, I write the Friday morning Quack Fix. And you know, this is gonna get really depressing, really fast. Because I get to try to say something about the previous nights debacle, which I probably will not have seen or heard at all, being halfway across the country. So each Friday, I hop on the internet and start poking around duckland, and of course, the first thing I get to read is about the latest men's basketball defeat. Maybe defeat is too kind. How about obliteration?

And the team fulfilled my expectations again. They were never competitive, and lost by 22 (also the margin at halftime). They have not won at Stanford in a long, long time. The Ducks turned the ball over 22 times. But, the problem with this team isn't just that they're terrible. They also don't give a crap (from the above link):

We got much better looks in the second half, for some reason, that we weren't getting in the first half,'' Porter said. ``There's no reason we can't play the whole game like that. We just didn't come out with that fire. I don't have an answer for that.''

Well, the second half is sort of meaningless that the team was already down by 22! But it's nice to know the team just comes out and doesn't play hard.

As you may have noticed, I am fed up with this team. They are poorly coached, they can't do anything halfway decently, and they don't even play hard. What more could you ask for?

On that uplifting note, here's a few links.

  • While Tom Hansen takes a lot of grief due to terrible Pac-10 TV and bowl contracts, the biggest travesty of his reign of incompetence is the state of Pac-10 officiating, which is a total joke. A writer from Scout wrote an open letter to Hansen, letting him know of this failure. This situation is embarassing. Pac-10 officiating is a laughingstock around the country. From the onside kick debacle, to any number of calls in basketball or football, this really should be the first order of business for the new comissioner.
  • Oregon picked up 3* OL Jamaal Burrell yesterday. He is tall, though not all that large at this point. Nothing a few weight sessions won't cure. he also had offers from Arizona and Washington.

As always. leave your links, thoughts, or opinions on Oregon basketball in the comments. GO DUCKS!