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Power Rankings: Men's Hoops Week 4

The Men's Hoops Power Rankings took a dramatic shift this week. No no, Oregon didn't get any sympathy votes this week surprisingly. The big news? We have a new number one in the polls and you may be surprised on who was voted up top! As always, the rankings are after the jump.

Rank (lw) Votes Team Conf Overall Comments
1 (5) 44 Washington 6-1 15-4 The Huskies have rattled off 4 straight wins. The most recent ones over USC and a convincing 11 point win against UCLA
2 (2) 40 Arizona State
5-2 16-3 Beating the Wildcats at Arizona didn't impress the judges much. It also didn't cost them any places. Look for some fireworks when UW comes to town on 1/31
3 (1) 36 UCLA 5-2 15-4 Escaping with a 2 point win against the Cougs in Pullman was just a precursor to losing to the Huskies. Not a good week for the Bruins, both in basketball and in the polls
4 (3) 28 Cal 5-2 16-4 Losing to Oregon State at home. Ouch. Even letting Oregon be competitive for small streaks, double ouch. Giving Craig Robinson a standing ovation before the Beavers beat them? The voters were kind to the Bears this week.
5 (4) 27 USC 4-3 13-6 The Trojans played tough against the Huskies but lost by 5. Left Pullman with a 2 point win. Sound familiar? Too much note-sharing between the So. Cal schools I think
6 (6) 17 Washington St. 3-4 11-8 Tough losses at home by a combined 4 points to the LA schools. The Cougs are in games, they just need to start closing the deal
7 (9) 14 Oregon St. 3-5 8-10 Yeah yeah, we get it. Change has come to Corvallis. Too bad for Stanford and Cal, but change has also come to the bay area. First sweep for the Beavers in 16 years
8 (7) 14 Stanford 3-4 13-4 No no, you were supposed to prepare for Oregon STATE. Losing by 15 to the Beavers at home was not a good way to finish the week
9 (8) 5 Arizona 2-5 12-8 Great overtime win against Houston but the voters didn't put any stock in it. Had a close game against Arizona State but ended up losing by 6. Rough times ahead as they welcome the Washington schools into town this week
10 (10) 0 Oregon 0-8 6-14 That win against Kansas State seems like an eon ago. 8 straight losses in the Pac-10 with a trip to Corvallis on 1/31. When the best thing you can say is "Well, we only lost by 7! We're getting better!", you are in a world of hurt