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Poll: Who do you root for tonight?

I'm not posting this poll to get an answer on who you think will win tonight's National Championship game, but to find out who you want to win. I'm curious to find out which team Ducks fans think they should be rooting for tonight. Let's first compile the facts:

Pac-10 vs. SEC, 2008: 1-1
Pac-10 vs. Big 12, 2008: 1-4
Pac-10 vs. SEC, all-time: 42-66 (.389)
Pac-10 vs. Big 12, all-time: 171-216 (.442)
Oregon vs. SEC, last five seasons: 0-0
Oregon vs. Big 12, last five seasons: 2-2
Oregon vs. SEC, all-time: 3-4
Oregon vs. Big 12, all-time: 13-24
Oregon vs. Florida, all-time: 0-1 (1929)
Oregon vs. Oklahoma, all-time: 1-6 (1958, 1966, 1972, 1975, 2004, 2005, 2006)

Note: All data was collected at College Football Data Warehouse. All-time conference statistics account for current alignments.

Does this game have any effect on the Pac-10's reputation? What about Oregon's reputation? Will it affect next year's preseason poll, which arguably does impact the BCS? Vote for the team you think helps Oregon and the Pac-10 the most, and then post comments answering these questions.