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ATQ BlogPoll: Week Six

Here's the new BlogPoll, and things are starting to sort themselves out a bit.  Those of you who were freaking out that I could have Florida in the teens?  I told you if they kept winning that things would take care of themsevles and, look out at no. 2.  Alabama clearly has the better resume at this point, but its hard to argue with the Gators being right back up there after taking care of business in Death Valley.

Virginia Tech (Miami, Nebraska) and Miami (Georgia Tech), are one loss ACC teams with good wins and losses against really good teams, enough so that the strength of their resumes put them above undefeateds Iowa, Cincinnati, and Boise State.  In the cases of Iowa (Penn St., Arizona, Michigan) and Cincinnati (Oregon State, Rutgers), they have multiple wins against good but not spectacular BCS teams, Iowa clearly the better resume of the two.  Boise falls a notch below because, while they have beaten a fantastic Oregon team, they have played St. Mary's Junior High for Girls in every game since.

Next up is Oregon and SC, both with similar resumes.  Oregon has looked a bit better against Cal and WSU, while Boise is a much better loss than Washington.  That explains Oregon above USC.

LSU checks in at 10th.  Losing to Florida isn't bad, and they have tow decent road wins at Washington and Georgia.  Texas is 11th because, other than a mediocre Texas Tech team, they also haven't played anyone.  And, with the way Oklahoma's resume looks so far, I'm not sure how much winning the Red River Shootout this weekend is going to help them.


There's my top ten, most of the rest of the ballot is splitting hairs.  USF and Kansas are so low because they haven't played anyone yet.  Penn State and Oklahoma are unranked because they've lost to the only teams with pulses that they have played.  I coudln't decide whether to put Arkansas or Oregon State as my two loss team, as both have virtually identical resumes.  I probably should have put them both but wanted to give the 25 spot to Idaho.  Not because they have a resume really deserving or that I think they are one of the 25 best teams, but just to give a little recognition to the Vandals being 5-1.  Not that they have really beaten a quality team, but for Idaho to be 5-1 against anybody given their history this decade is a pretty amazing statistic.  Now if they can just find a way to beat Boise State.

PS--Don't worry about the delta.  I forgot to submit my ballot last week.


Rank Team
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Virginia Tech
4 Miami (Florida)
5 Iowa
6 Cincinnati
7 Boise State
8 Oregon
9 Southern Cal
10 LSU
11 Texas
12 Georgia Tech
13 TCU
14 Ohio State
15 South Carolina
16 Houston
17 Nebraska
18 Kansas
19 South Florida
20 Oklahoma State
21 Auburn
22 Wisconsin
23 Notre Dame
24 Arkansas
25 Idaho