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Morning Quack Fix: LeGarrette Blount to be reinstated?

That was it? Two whole weeks? That's all the time we had without having to rehash the Blount situation over and over again? Well, that's out the window for the foreseeable future. Apparently today around 11am PST Chip Kelly will hold a press conference introducing the possibility of reinstating Blount. Since the story broke last night, everyone has an opinion. So let's get to it!

  • ESPN's Joe Schad has been on this story from the beginning. Right now, Schad is reporting that Blount could be re-instated within three to five weeks, and that "Mike Bellotti and school president Richard Lariviere are on board with the possibility for reinstatement."
  • was also on the story early, and will be updating with all the Blount info at this page. I like Spencer Hall's take:
  • Kelly, coming off a 42-3 upset of Cal, can't be accused of needing Blount in the lineup due to lack of production. The decision would be based on the assumption that Blount had proven to be a good citizen, seemed penitent, and wasn't likely to do something like, oh, I don't know...jump into the stands and attempt to assault total strangers. If he's over that whole urge and genuinely sorry, then sure: let the man play.
  • George Schroeder thinks "It's the wrong move." Similarly, John Canzano says, "So long dignity." If you think that Kelly should stick with what he initially told the public, then sure, believe that point of view. However, circumstances change. Doing what's best for the individual is more important than that opinion of others. 
  • Beyond this, there seems to be quite a bit of positive reaction, and many are giving Kelly the benefit of the doubt. Nick Daschel seems OK with the decision. Joe Schad thinks its a right move. So does Ted Miller.

We'll know more in a few hours. As far as my opinion on this topic, I'm not really for Blount's reinstatement, but I'm not against it either. While many people are going to claim this is for self-serving reasons, that's clearly not the case. Blount adds very little football wise to the team right now. In fact, Blount has a better chance of hurting the football team than helping it. But Kelly apparently believes in him, and is willing to give him a second chance. Blount won't see the field soon, and if he does, he will almost definitely start at the bottom of the depth chart, and have to fight for every carry he gets. This is not a move that strengthens the football team. But it is one that will help out a young man.

Oh yeah, and we have a football game tomorrow. GO DUCKS!