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Jersey Contest: Week 8 -- Blogger Picks

If you haven't made your picks, you can do so here.  The deadline is tonight at 11.59 PM PT.

Not a lot of variety in picks from us this week, though Dominic did try his best at mixing things up. 

Penn State

at Michigan

Wake Forest

at Navy


at Kansas




at BYU

Jared Penn State Navy Oklahoma Arizona BYU
Nick Penn State Navy Oklahoma Arizona BYU
Dave Penn State Navy Oklahoma Arizona BYU
Dominic Michigan Wake Forest Oklahoma Arizona TCU
Jeremy Penn State Navy Oklahoma Arizona BYU
Paul Penn State Wake Forest Oklahoma Arizona BYU

Penn State at Michigan:

Jared: Michigan is struggling, and it's obvious that Tate Forcier is only a freshman. With poor weather, I see the Wolverine offense struggling, and Penn State should be able to pull it out. Pick: Penn State

Nick:  Michigan has been shaky lately and it looks like Tate Forcier might be replaced by Denard Robinson.  Unfortunately, it won't get any easier for the Wolverines on offense as they match up against Penn State's defense.  Utlimately, I like Evan Royster to make a big impact in this game as the Nittany Lions finally win in Ann Arbor after five straight losses.   Pick:  Penn State 

Dominic:  I'm not high on Penn State at all. I appreciate that they went to the Rose Bowl last year but something about their team this year looks off. I don't know if they've lost a step or the new faces have upset the chemistry or what. I think Michigan has started to click into Rich Rod's system and they're starting to see results. I like the Wolverines in the upset. Pick: Michigan

Jeremy:  This is one of those "something's gotta give" games. Michigan is leading the Big Ten in scoring and Penn State's defense is giving up only 8.7 points a game. The only thing that concerns me is that Penn State's schedule so far is mostly garbage (Akron, Syracuse, Temple, Illinois...). Still, I think the maturation of UM's offense is a year away.  Pick:  Penn State

Paul:  Michigan holds a five-game winning streak at the Big House against the Nittany Lions, and if there were every a year for Paterno to end the streak, it's this year. I'm not picking Penn State to win.  I'm picking Penn State to dominate. Pick: Penn State



Wake Forest at Navy:

Jared: Ugh, I don't even care about this game in any way, and don't know much about either team. In Bill C I trust!  Pick: Navy

Nick:  Two years ago, bradll99, joffthedeckk and I did an NCAA 2007 dynasty where we played as Navy, Army and Air Force. joffthedeckk even bought us shirts and everything.  I was Navy.  Go Midshipmen!  Pick: Navy 

Dominic:  While Navy presents some problems for teams offensively and while they may not be highly regarded in the country, they won't have Ricky Dobbs in the game who was wearing a knee-immobilizer brace on Wednesday and couldn't practice. Enter Kriss Proctor who will be making his first start at quarterback. Even though Navy prepares two quarterbacks equally in practice, there is a reason why Dobbs is the starter. Pick: Wake Forest

Jeremy:  Wake has yet to win on the road. Navy appears to be a legit team and I think they're on their way to being 8-2 when they meet up with Notre Dame in a couple weeks (they get Temple at home on 10/31). Lots of points in this match-up.  Pick:  Navy     

Paul:  I honestly don't have any idea, but because Stanford lost to Wake, I've gotta take the Deacons. Although Navy is always tough on the ground, and forces teams to play a different style, so I guess it could go either way.  Do I really have to choose?  Pick: Wake Forest


Oklahoma at Kansas:

Jared:  Kansas is a very bad football team. I'm kind of surprised Nick put this game on the slate, maybe he was making up for the WF/Navy game. Even without Bradford, Oklahoma shouldn't have any problems scoring on a defense that couldn't stop Colorado. Pick: Oklahoma

Nick:  Kansas was rolling along until an embarrassing loss at Colorado last week.  Even with Sam Bradford out, Oklahoma will be the best opponent that the Jayhawks have faced this season.  Sooners in a romp in this one.   Pick:  Oklahoma

Dominic:  For a team that was thinking National Title with a heisman trophey winner coming back, Oklahoma has fallen on hard times and out of the top 25. Kansas has them beat in many offensive categories but the Sooners have a much better defense. Even with a backup in at quarterback for Oklahoma, I think the Sooners will still take the game. Pick: Oklahoma

Jeremy:  Kansas? What a load of crap. How do you lose to that Colorado team? Terrible. I think the Jayhawks will lose four of their next five games. OU's backup QB is back at it, this time with prior experience. He'll be fine against most teams not named Texas.  Pick: Oklahioma     

Paul:  I was at the game last weekend in Dallas and was thoroughly impressed with Oklahoma's defense, especially their D-line. I also think they win that game if Bradford doesn't get hurt. And although I do like the Jayhawks a lot this year, I just don't think Reesing and Co. will be able to overcome Oklahoma's defensive front. Pick: Oklahoma


UCLA at Arizona:

Jared: UCLA is in a tailspin. They don't have a great offense, and their defense is good, but not good enough to keep them in games against good Pac-10 teams. Let's not forget, Arizona should be 5-1 right now and undefeated in conference. Pick: Arizona

Nick:  After UCLA's defense was ravaged by Cal for 45 points and nearly 500 yards by Cal last week, I just don't know how UCLA keeps this game close.  Nick Foles has been playing well lately and, along with RB Nic Grigsby, UCLA just won't be able to keep up the Arizona offense.   Pick:  Arizona

Dominic:  I think Arizona is for real and UCLA can't move the ball. Mike Stoops has done a great job with the offense this year and the Wildcats should be 5-1 if it wasn't for a fluke interception in the Washington game. UCLA has a stout defense but Arizona is much more balanced. Playing in the desert is always a tough place to play. Pick: Arizona

Jeremy: It's these games that seem obvious that always kill me. UCLA just isn't going to score enough points to beat an increasingly improving Arizona team in Tuscon. If the Bruins go to 0-4 in conference it's time to turn the burner on beneath Slick Rick...they go to OSU next, so 0-5 is a real possibility. Nice call on UCLA, you genius Phil Steele!   Pick: Arizona  

Paul: The Bruins are falling apart.  That win in Knoxville is looking more and more like an outlier, and I think the Wildcats are legit, especially at home. We already knew Arizona had a tough defense, but with the way Nick Foles, Arizona's latest sophomore QB sensation, is playing, I think the Wildcats are a scary team that the Ducks have yet to face. To be honest, I'd feel a lot better if UCLA won.  But they won't. Pick: Arizona



Jared:  BYU is at home, and I just feel that they are the more explosive team. TCU has been solid, yet unspectacular. Pick: BYU

Nick:  This should be a really interesting game.  The line opened as a pick'em and has moved 2 to 2.5 points in favor of TCU.  In what should be a close game, I'll take BYU at home.   Pick: BYU 

Dominic:  I like TCU on the road, mainly because they have everything to play for. BYU already has a loss at home to a team of questionable caliber. TCU has a much stronger defense and is giving up over 100 less yards per game. Pick: TCU

Jeremy:  Great game. We'll start seeing the picture become more clear in the Mountain West. I want TCU to win because I want to see what the BCS is going to do with an undefeated TCU and an undefeated BSU. But I think BYU has a strong home field advantage in Provo. Max Hall won't put up the points he's used to against that tough TCU defense, but he'll get the job done.  Pick: BYU     

Paul:  This is the best non-BCS conference match-up of the weekend. TCU, one of the only remaining undefeated teams in the country, is in for a rude awakening in Provo. BYU should win, although I wouldn't be surprised it if came down the final drive, so really it's a toss-up. But I'm taking the Stormin' Mormons by a touchdown. Pick: BYU