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The Oregon Ducks dominate the Washington Huskies for the sixth year in a row

Ducks vs Huskies coverage

The Oregon Ducks destroyed the Washington Huskies yet again. This game wasn't even close. The Oregon defense proved again that is was dominant, and made the most dangerous QB in the Pac-10 look pedestrian. In the last 3 quarters of the game, Jake Locker looked scared. Every time he went back, he looked indecisive. There were few people to throw to, and the Oregon defense made Jake Locker look terrible. There wasn't any one player that did this, but it was the entire defensive unit that made Jake Locker look silly today.

As Duck fans, we've endured most of the college football prognosticators picking against Oregon today. But our team proved them wrong today. The Ducks dominated every aspect of the Washington Huskies today. It took a bit getting there, but the defense never gave Jake Locker a chance, and in the second half, the offense kicked it into high gear, scoring 21 straight points.

Now, that's not to say the game was perfect. It was not. Penalties killed multiple Oregon drives yet again. And though Oregon was able to overcome those this game, the Ducks will will not be able to against the best of the conference.

Yet, It is so satifying to beat Washington by more than 20 for the 6th straight year. There's a lot of work left to do. These Ducks are very good, but they have a lot left to prove. The biggest game of the season awaits us next week.  The Ducks are at home, and are sure to find an Autzen that is as crazy as its every been. This victory is great, but it just moves us one step closer to where we want to be.

But for tonight: 6 straight years of 20+ points! GO DUCKS!