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The Oregon Ducks Elevator - Jibe Shinaba, Ed Dickson and Jackson Rice

The elevator returns after a week off for repairs. When you have a big win against California, everyone wants to party in the elevator. Unfortunately, JShufelt brought TOO much beer and chips causing a mad rush at the buffet table. We have reinforced the doors and expanded capacity. We apologize for any issues this may have caused. Now that the dust has settled, let's check where people lie after they passed out.

Ed Dickson: If back to back games with over a hundred yards wasn't enough, how about breaking Justin Wilcox's record for most receptions by a tightend for a career with 104? Although he didn't complete it, how about big Ed throwing a pass towards the endzone? He's had a great couple of weeks after being relatively quiet in the opening weeks of the season. Elevator: Up 1 Floor

Javes Lewis: Nabbed his first career interception by picking off Marshall Lobbestael in the second quarter. He has stepped up to provide a solid force in the secondary. Elevator: Up 1 Floor

Jamere Holland: Has anyone seen Jamere Holland lately? He played significant time during the Washington State game with the second string but DJ Davis appears to have taken the starting job away. For a guy who looked to finally have a breakout year, this is a major setback. His body language looked good on the field but this can't sit well. If you aren't getting looks against Washington State with the second string, when are you going to get some looks? Elevator: Down 2 Floors

Jackson Rice: This guy will be playing on Sundays, hands down. For one of our main concerns coming into the season, Jackson continues to deliver week in and week out. Great punt to pin Washington State on their 5. Elevator: Up 1 Floor

LeGarrette Blount: People have questioned his motives, his character, called him a thug and a felon, say he should be jailed, and all he's done is try to get his life together and be a good a teammate. He wrote an apology letter in the Oregon Daily Emerald. What else can the guy do? Critics seem to insist that he become the poster child for "bad character" and that he should pay for anyone that even thought about doing something bad. In the face of all those things and having his name continously sullied in local media, he keeps on doing what he needs to do to recover his image. When LGB graduates and moves on to the NFL, we'll see if the local media continues their grudge, especially when the national media has almost universally praised the decision. Elevator: sporting a nice new shiny tie for his elevator security job

Jide Shinaba: who knew Jibe before the Washington State game? Not even Don Essig as he tried to figure out who #31 was when he was busy running the ball in the 4th quarter. 4 carries for 16 yards as a walkon. Elevator: Up 1 Floor