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John Canzano Columns: So Predictable, Even a Blogger Can Do It


That's the way I would describe Oregon's effort against Washington State on Saturday.  While the Ducks uninspiring victory left them at 4-1 for the season, I can't help but wonder the obvious question.

Is Oregon a bowl team?

Because there were a lot of things that make me question the meddle of this team against the Cougars.  Six incomplete passes.   A missed field goal.  A turnover.  These mistakes are inexcusable.  And if they commit these amateurish mistakes against Washington State, how does that bode for Stanford, Washington, or USC? 

A bowl team would have put up at least 60 on the Cougars while pitching a shutout, and Oregon's failure to do this has to make you wonder about the man steering the ship.  Did Oregon pick the right guy to succeed Mike Bellotti?  Because for everyone who thinks he's doing a great job, I can point to a thousand mistakes:

A muffed punt.

A failed reverse.

A reception for a loss.

And you have to wonder whether Duck fans will continue to accept these catastrophes week after week.  Because the way they're playing, I question whether there are two more wins on the schedule.  You can get away with allowing four first downs against Washington State.  But can you survive a performance like that against a real Pac-10 team?

Oregon State is again lurking.  USC is still the king.  And UCLA, Washington, Stanford, Arizona, and Arizona State will punish the Ducks for the inexcusable lack of poise that the Ducks continue to display week after week.  Neuheisel.  Stoops.  Erickson.  They must be licking their chops.

Seven games.  You've gotta win two.  And with the way the Ducks are playing this year, you can't help but think they'll be staying home for the holidays.