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Quack Fix: Blount back as fifth string, race for the roses will be as exciting as ever

Apparently some running back was reinstated yesterday, or something. My RSS reader for OregonLive had nine new stories from last night. Every single one related to Blount. I'm ignoring all that indignation crap. We'll have some reaction on how Blount's reinstatement will affect the team in later today.

  • The first main question will be how LeGarrette Blount fits into the gameplan. Blount practiced yesterday as the fifth string back, which should be no surprise. If he has playing time, he'll have to earn it. RB Coach Gary Cambell also stated later: "We're going to work [Blount] in to do everything he's done in the past...If a short yardage situation came up where I felt like I felt like we needed his size as an advantage, then yeah, we'll probably put him in there for that." For more from Campbell on the football situation, check out this video. But no matter what Blount does, LaMichael James is clear the #1 back.
  • Well, the Pac-10 race could get really interesting. If Oregon and Arizona drop another game, things will become a huge mess. Rob Moseley rounds up how people are ranking the Pac-10 (such as Bob Clark), and I am really surprised at how many people are putting Stanford at the top of the Pac-10. Yes, I know they beat Oregon. But their gameplan worked out perfectly, and they don't match up that well against other conference teams. They executed against an Oregon team against whom they had some significant matchup advantages. That doesn't make them the best team in the conference over the entire season. Whatever happens, this Pac-10 race will be very exciting, and will come down to the final weekend.
  • The Arizona game has been picked up by ABC, though the time is not yet known (it will be either 12:30 or 5 PST). If both Oregon and Arizona, I assume that it will be an evening game.
  • In recruiting news one of Oregon's biggest DT prospects, George Uko, visited UCLA over the weekend and enjoyed that visit. Uko is thought to be a USC lock, though with the d-line problems we saw this past weekend, I'm still holding out hope. Getting a dominant DT like Uko would be huge for 2010. He visits Oregon this weekend against ASU.
  • Moseley has his Monday practice update. Kelly said that the team practiced well, which shouldn't be a surprise after practicing well all year. Doesn't sound like there are any other big injuries to report, which is always a plus, especially after playing a physical team like Stanford.
  • Lastly, you can watch Chip Kelly's weekly press conference here.

Leave any other quack in the comments. GO DUCKS!