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The Rest of the Flock: XC 'Ships, Hoops Tourney, V-Ball Gets Stronger

Partially because I need to stop staring at that stupid Dixon video every time I load the site, and partially because this is a busy weekend in Duck sports, here is another installment of the Rest of the Flock.  Lots of events going on in the world of Duckdom this weekend, starting with the BTI Tip-Off tournament as Mac Court.  Oregon brought the best of the best to Eugene, starting with a match up against Winston Salem State tomorrow night at 7. 

Saturday is a triple threat of Duck sports, and fans can easily see all three.  At 9:45 AM, NCAA Cross-Country regionals start with the men's race at Springfield Country Club.  After the women's race concludes at around 11:30, you've got plenty of time to grab some lunch and get to Mac Court by 2:00 to see the Ducks men's hoops team play the UC Davis Aggies in game 2 of the BTI Tip-Off tourney.  After that, leave your car near campus and enjoy the walk across the Willamette Street Bridge to Autzen Stadium, and you'll get there with plenty of time to tailgate before the football game at 7:20.

Sunday, you've got plenty of time to sleep off your hangover before heading to Mac Court to see Oregon take on Colorado State in men's hoops at 3:30.  Not to forget about our women's basketball team, they have a game Monday night at 7 against Eastern Washington.

Links after the jump.  Maybe some spandex pics?  I don't know, you'll have to read on.

Ducks Welcome Another Stellar Signing Class
Oregon volleyball coach Jim Moore has worked his recruiting magic once again with another highly regarded freshman class for the 2010 season.  Don't even think about spandex here, at least not till next year.

"Moos’ run might not be over yet "
Interesting article by Ron Bellamy, in case you missed it in yesterday's R-G, about former athletic director Bill Moos both enjoying retirement and getting the itch to get back in the AD game.

Five Pac-10 Teams in Baseball America's Top 25 Recruiting Classes
The Ducks placed 24th, down from our 10th-rated class last year, but still a strong showing including 17 freshmen. I'd want to play in a brand new stadium with one of the best college baseball coaches of all time too.

Singler says no to redshirt
E.J. Singler has turned down an offer to redshirt his first year at Oregon and will instead be one of the 13 scholarship players available for action when the Ducks open their season Friday. From what I saw at the exhibition games, he could really be a help on the glass for the Ducks this year. Here's hoping he sees the floor.

So I looked up Oregon Spandex Shorts on Google and got this interesting result.  Lightning strikes indeed.