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Quack Fix: Here Comes Another True Frosh; The Battle Is On For Back-up Carries.

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There's a fog hanging over Eugene, and I'm not talking about the weather. Let's hope the team is shaking that performance at Stanford faster than local Duck fans are. It's time to move on, take a strong shot of "we're still 7-2 and in first place", pound our chests a little and get our Ooooo faces on for ASU. Here's a little Quack to help you through your day:

  • Let's start with the fun stuff... Oregon will be facing a true freshman making his first start when the Sun Devils visit Autzen Saturday. Some pre-game notes from Jeff Metcalfe of the Arizona Republic.
  • Rob Moseley's weekly review of national bowl predictions still paints a rosey picture for the Ducks. Ohio State appears to be the opponent du jour, as Iowa's conference title hopes seem to have gone the way of the 2007 Ducks.
  • Freshman O-lineman Carson York has the right attitude. His latest diary entry is up at OregonLive. My favorite quote: "We can promise, however, that there will be no fall off, that we will not allow last week's defeat to allow us an excuse to falter."
  • Maybe York needs to give kicker Tim Taylor a hug. The R-G's George Schroeder found the walk-in kicker practicing his onside kick technique over, and over, and over Wednesday. Taylor admits his effort at the end of the Stanford game was "Probably the worst onside kick I've ever had."
  • Jeff Smith of The Oregonian writes that the competition for back-up carries behind LaMichael James is heating up with LGB back in the mix.
  • Ted Miller's weekly picks are in. He likes the Ducks big. More interesting is his pick of Stanford over USC. That result would mean the end of USC's title streak and put the Trojans squarely in line for a fairly middling bowl game. Wouldn't that be something.
  • If you're still in need of a smile, check out this graph-oriented post at, which deftly explains how the coaches poll really works. Good stuff.

Two days til gameday. Go Ducks!