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Jersey Contest: Week 12 -- Blogger Picks

If you haven't made your picks, you can do so here.  The deadline is tonight at 11.59 PM PT.

Here are your weekly game picks from the ATQ bloggers. Paul's picks were submitted without comment.

Oklahoma at

Texas Tech

Arizona State


Wisconsin at


North Carolina at

Boston College

California at

Stanford (-8)

Jared Oklahoma UCLA Wisconsin Boston College California
Nick Oklahoma UCLA Wisconsin North Carolina California
Dave Oklahoma Arizona State Northwestern North Carolina Stanford
Dominic Oklahoma UCLA Wisconsin North Carolina Stanford
Jeremy Texas Tech UCLA Wisconsin North Carolina Stanford
Paul Oklahoma Arizona State Wisconsin North Carolina California

Oklahoma at Texas Tech:

Jared: Oklahoma seems to be pulling it together offensively after a big win against a bad Kansas team last week, and they have a better defense than Tech. Pick: Oklahoma

Nick:  I'd like to go with the upset here, but I just don't see it happening.  The biggest difference is Oklahoma actually has a defense and the Red Raiders will have much more trouble stopping the Sooner offense.  Also, the Texas Tech offense is extremely one-dimensional, averaging only 72.2 yards per game on 22.5 carries (3.2 ypc) out of their per game average of 463 yards of total offense.  While the Sooner's pass defense will be tested, I like them to come up with more than enough stops.     Pick: Oklahoma

Dave:  As much as I'd love to pick against both Stoops brothers this weekend, its going to take a good defense to shut down the Sooners, even with the injuries.  Texas Tech does not have a good defense.  Pick: Oklahoma

Jeremy: The Red Raiders are hardly a defensive giant, but Oklahoma seems to be having some problems putting up points with their back-up QB. That can be a real issue when facing Tech's offensive machine. Home field is the difference.  Pick: Texas Tech

Dominic: Who would have thought that Oklahoma would be 6-4 at this point in the season? For a team that looked to be in the preseason national title hunt, they've fallen on hard times without Sam Bradford. In this match up however, I like the Sooners pass defense to shut down Texas Tech's one dimensional offense. Pick: Oklahoma


Arizona State at UCLA:

Jared: UCLA has had a solid last couple weeks, and may be pulling things together offensively. ASU is just not a good football team. Pick: UCLA

Nick:  Both teams are sitting at 2-5 in conference with wins over the Washington schools.  However, the momentum for both schools are drastically different as UCLA is coming off back-to-back wins and ASU has lost four straight.  This game is important for the bowl hopes of both teams -- UCLA needs this win to reach 6 and bowl eligibility (assuming a loss to USC in the finale); ASU needs this win plus a win against Arizona.  I think the Bruins make it three straight wins.   Pick: UCLA

Dave: This is a hard one to pick, as UCLA looked pretty good against Washington, and ASU started to look a lot better with the Samson kid at QB.  And he wasn't at all rattled by the environment at Autzen.  Combine that with me having no faith in UCLAs ability to score on a good ASU defense, and I like ASU in the mini-upset.  Pick: Arizona State

Dominic:  UCLA's defense did a pretty good job against Oregon and with Arizona State running some similar plays (without the quality of athletes), I think the Bruins take this game. I like how UCLA's offense has started to wake up in their last few contests and they need one win to get them to a bowl game. ASU has lost 4 in a row against the top teams in the conference and with 6 losses already, there may not be enough fight in them to pull it out against the Bruins. Pick: UCLA

Jeremy:  I don't really trust UCLA to beat anyone given their QB play. At the same time, ASU's QB situation is kind of a mess too. ASU's defense isn't that great. I wonder how many cheap shots Burfict will deal out this week. Again, I'll lean towards the home team.  Pick:UCLA


Wisconsin at Northwestern:

Jared:  Wisconsin is a better team than Northwestern, and have done a very solid job in the Big 10. I think that they easily handle the Wildcats at a half-empty Ryan Field. Pick: Wisconsin

Nick:  Wisconsin has performed better than I originally thought; their two losses were to Iowa and Ohio State.  The game may be on the road for the Badgers, but Ryan Field isn't much of a home field advantage.  Wisconsin shouldn't have much of a problem notching their ninth win on Saturday  Pick: Wisconsin

Dave: Just a gut feeling on this one.  Pick: Northwestern

Dominic: I like Wisconsin on the road, mainly because of how well they've been playing in their last few games. I like their running game and the team seems to be surging at just the right time. Even though Northwestern's fight song is used at my high school alma mater, I'm taking the Badgers. Pick: Wisconsin

Jeremy: Northwestern on the rise again? Last time I picked the smart kids over the better athletes and it worked out. Not this time. Wisconsin probably is too physical and can still play a pretty good power game.  Pick: Wisconsin


North Carolina at Boston College:

Jared: BC is favored and at home. Pick: BC

Nick: Of the two teams, UNC has the two most impressive wins (Miami and VaTech).  That's about as deep as I want to look into this matchup.   Pick: North Carolina

Dave:  North Carolina is getting it together at the right time, looking really good in wins vs. Miami and Va. Tech.  BC has looked mediocre against mediocre competition.  Give me the Heels, even on the road.  Pick: North Carolina

Dominic: With the ACC, no one wins. Pick: North Carolina

Jeremy: Tough pick. I haven't seen either team play. Both teams are 7-3 and have played some decent football. I like North Carolina's resume just a little better. How the hell did they drop a home game to Virginia?  Pick: North Carolina


California at Stanford (-8):

Jared: It's a rivalry game, and I think that Cal can stick with Stanford if not win outright. The Cal offense is good enough to put points on the Stanford defense, so they should be able to keep it within a touchdown. Pick: Cal

Nick: Taking the 8 points is too much for me to pass up in this game.  Shane Vereen may not be able to match the numbers that Toby Gerhart will undoubtedly put up, but I like Cal to stay within range.  Cal's defense also gets the edge over the Cardinal defense, particulalrly of late.  I think a final score of 31 - 27 seems about right.  Either way, Cal covers.  Pick: California

Dave:  I don't care what the spread is.  Stanford wins.  Big.  Pick: Stanford

Dominic:  I just can't look past how well Stanford is playing. I want Cal to win the game, I really do but I just can't see it happening. Stanford is clicking right now and they won't turn down the opportunity to win this rivalry game big. Pick: Stanford

Jeremy: Cal played better last week, but still, the Bears were kicking too many field goals. Rivalry or not, field goals won't get it done against Stanford. And I think that's the difference: 'Furd gets TDs in the red zone, Cal kicks field goals. The Axe goes back to Palo Alto.  Pick: Stanford