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Quack Fix: Ducks off for Thanksgiving, Chip Kelly gets a vote for SI's Sportsman of the Year, and more Civil War talk

Only eight more days until the epic, once-in-a-lifetime Civil War matchup for all the marbles (and roses). But first, your Wednesday Morning Quack Fix:

  • According to The Oregonian's John Hunt, the Ducks had their final practice yesterday before a three-day Thanksgiving break, and it sounds like it was an intense one. Practice will resume Saturday morning.
  • Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is Sports Illustrated writer Ian Thomsen's choice for Sportsman of the Year, which will be announced on Nov. 30. Obviously, it's a long shot, but it's still cool for Kelly to get mentioned. By the way, wanna know who's probably not going to win this award? Charlie Weis. Ha! Charlie Weis jokes. Never. Get. Old.
  • According to The Oregonian's Bob Rickert, the Ducks landed a top-5 long snapper recruit in Drew Howell of Tehachapi, California. Although it's not exactly a high-profile commit, obviously a good long snapper goes a long way, as evidenced by Nate Costa's heroic holding efforts after a bad snap from Jeff Palmer in Saturday's OT win at Arizona. Also worth noting: a Google search for "Jeff Palmer" reveals that he's also the King of Gay Porn (SFW). Insert inappropriate long snapper/ass joke here. (Or leave one in the comments...I just opened a can of worms, didn't I?)
  • We all know what's at stake for the winner of the Civil War next Thursday. But The Oregonian's Ken Goe (as well as several other blogs) points out what has seemingly been the elephant in the room for Oregon State fans: Lose and the Beavers are likely headed to Las Vegas. No pressure though!
  • Rob Moseley talks about Oregon women's basketball player Jasmin Holliday's return to the basketball floor following her mother's passing earlier this month. It sounds like her team has been greatly supportive during a very difficult time for the young woman. The women improved to 3-0 with an 88-71 win over Santa Clara on Tuesday night.
  • Katelynn Johnson, the Oregon cheerleader who was injured after being hit with a bottle in the aftermath of the Arizona win last Saturday, is Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week. Apparently she had filled out the questionnaire prior to the incident. I guess her selection could be considered consolation for a scary and unfortunate mishap.
  • Off The Pond has a nice piece on how different the Civil War battle is today compared to what it's meant historically. Obviously, it's not the Battle for the Bottom anymore. Oregon and Oregon State have the second and third most wins, respectively, in the Pac-10 since 2000, and it's only fitting that for the first time in the game's history, it's for a spot in the "Granddaddy of Them All."
  • According to Cliff Kirkpatrick of Corvallis' Gazette-Times, Oregon State is using freshman cornerback Rashaad Reynolds to emulate Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli for the Beavers' scout team as they prepare for the Civil War. Quarterback Jack Lomax, son of former Portland State star Neil, is still handling passing duties for the Beavs' scout team. Neither, of course, is capable of capturing Masoli's magnificence, but it's an interesting strategy nonetheless. In related news, the Ducks brought back former back-up QB Ryan Brady Leaf to play the role of Beavers quarterback Sean Canfield (zing!).
  • Are you going to the Civil War? If so, read these travel tips (via The Oregonian, courtesy of the Oregon athletic department). And if you'd like a professional rendition of "Mighty Oregon" to be sung at one of your upcoming parties, Churchill High's choir program is offering a cappella performances for a mere $40. They'll even sing "Hail to Old OSU," if you're the practical joke type (or a Beaver fan, I guess).

As always, leave any relevant links or comments below.