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Happy Thanksgiving From ATQ

Before we all descend into the triptafen-induced stupor, we here at Addicted to Quack would be remiss if we didn't thank you, the community of ATQ. All of the contributions you provide, both positive and negative, have made ATQ one of the premiere sports communities on the web and we couldn't have done it without you.

Not only have we reached major website traffic milestones, we have created a wonderful community centered around our mutual love for the Ducks. Whether it be ATQ readers answering the call to send kids to the Addicted to Quack Lacrosse Meetup earlier in the spring or the many, MANY community members that showed up to tailgate from all across the country (and the world in some cases). You were there.

From Jared, Dave, Nick, Jeremy, Paul and myself, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and thank YOU for making ATQ part of your day. We have some other things we're thankful for after the jump.


I am thankful for LaMichael James.
Unless he's derailed by injuries, he'll be the best back in Oregon history. His combination of speed, agility, and power is a astounding.

I'm am thankful for the development of Jeremiah Masoli.
At the beginning of the season, he was a disaster. Inaccurate, poor decision making, you name it. But as the season has progressed, he's improved in every area of the game. His accuracy has improved dramatically, he's making all the right decisions. He knows when to make something happen, and when to not force the issue. His growth is the main reason for the success of the Oregon offense this season.

I am thankful for a top 20 defense (at least according to Football Outsiders).
They've taken their lumps recently, but they still lead the conference in passing efficiency allowed. They are second in the conference in sacks, and have looked incredibly stout at home. All off-season, we talked about how we needed a defense to match our offense, and it looks like we finally have it.


I am thankful for a Civil War with the Rose Bowl on the line.
Particularly after many of us were readjusting our expectations after the Boise State debacle and the uninspiring efforts against Purdue and Utah.  The Ducks turned things around in a big way, setting up the showdown at Autzen next Thursday.

I am thankful for Nate Costa.
While  Nate's collegiate career has not gone the way many of us had hoped, he has been the consummate teammate.  What's more, his workmanlike performance notched an important win against UCLA and his clutch dig of an errant snap avoided disaster against Arizona.  I am thankful that Nate has not only made meaningful appearances this season, but has played a significant role in multiple Oregon victories.


I am thankful for Steve Greatwood.
Most of the pre-season naysayers pointed to two things when reviewing Oregon. Chip’s first season as a head coach and a green offensive line. At Boise, the O-line did indeed look very green (and not the good, sexy alien kind). Every week from that point on that group has shown improvement. Folks, you don’t rush for 231 yards per game against the teams Oregon has played without an offensive line that is putting it on the opposing defense week in and week out. Greatwood – another amazing coaching job.

I am thankful for the Autzen experience and a bunch of you ATQ dudes.
I grew up going to Duck games, but am a season ticket holder this year for the first time. Through heat, cold, wind and rain I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time spent at Autzen. Even better, I’ve had the chance to tailgate with at least a dozen other ATQers. Several of which I now call friends. All of which seem to be great guys and the kind of Duck fans I am proud to be associated with.