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Quack Fix: Rashad Bauman & Kenny Wheaton - They're Stars Off The Field Too

Hell yes you can get some Quack on a holiday. But first I had to catch an early flight and travel to the Land of the Zags. Saw lots of green and yellow at PDX this morning, btw, but no orange and black anywhere. Guess the lunch pail crowd stuck to their natural environment and took the bus. ZING! So here's to getting "dibbs" on a turkey drumstick and to not being the last at the table to be handed the gravy boat (there's never enough!).

  • The more I read of Rob Moseley, the more I like. This morning he's posted an emotionally-charged feature on the family of former Oregon star Rashad Bauman. There's is a story of tragedy and resiliance that's is fitting on a day when most of us are FOCUSED on family.
  • The writers are out for tears today. Want the whole Kenny Wheaton story? It goes so much deeper than "The Pick". Rachel Bachman of The Oregonian with the write up.
  • A big Duck fan in Oklahoma is getting a big boost from a selfless, yet self-proclaimed "average guy" named Ryan Wolfe. Check out the story in George Schroeder's column.
  • R-G's Adam Jude takes a look at the right-footed wonder that has been Morgan Flint. While we all await the pending greatness of a top-rated kicking recruit from the '09 class, the former walk-on Flint has been money. That divot he left in the Arizona turf might just propel the Ducks to another top-10 finish.
  • Finally, we get the most recent entry in Carson York's Oregon football journal from He says the final three minutes of regulation at Arizona validate how Oregon practices every day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.