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Quack Fix: Quack Friday, a home field contrarian, and college football open thread

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm still full, but looking forward to some awesome leftovers. Here's your post-holiday Quack.

  • is calling today Quack Friday. If you got any Ducks fans on your Christmas list, get some of that Christmas shopping done early with some good online deals.
  • Nick Daschel has a piece on how Autzen won't make a difference in this weekend's game. Daschel says that Autzen stadium has not been the house of horrors claimed from 2002-2008. And while this is true, this has absolutely nothing to do with what happens on the field this year. What matters is this years teams, not the teams of 5+ years ago. As I detailed earlier this week, this Oregon teams is much different at home than on the road. To ignore this is to live in, as Daschel puts it, "fantasyland."
  • KVAL has a report on Accuscore, a computer system that simulates upcoming games 10,000 times to find the most common result of the game. And the results of the Civil War are good. According to the simulations, Oregon has a 79% chance to win, and is an 11-point favorite.
  • OregonLive takes a look back at one of the great Civil War's of the past, the 1957 battle. Though the Ducks lost, because of a no repeat clause for the Rose Bowl, Oregon still went to Pasadena for the New Year.
  • The Portland Tribune has a piece on the importance of defense in the Civil War. After Oregon took it to OSU last year, the Beaver coaching staff is using that as motivation. Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker will need to make sure his players play their assignments and play disciplined. However, when your starting linebacker is Keaton Kristic, I'm not sure how much you can actually count on discipline.
  • Paul Buker is taking offense to Chip Kelly's reaction to the Civil War. Kelly is downplaying the Civil War, calling it just another game, as he's been doing with every game this season. How dare he.

There should be a few interesting games on today, with Alabama/Auburn, Boise State/Nevada, and Pitt/WV set to kick off later. Stick around, discuss the Ducks, and any other college football. GO DUCKS!