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Jersey Contest: Week 13 - Blogger Picks

If you haven't made your picks, you can do so here.  The deadline is tonight at 11.59 PM PT.

Here are your weekly game picks from the ATQ bloggers. Hopefully, Jeremy will get a chance to add his before the deadline [whew - almost blew it, jc].  Mine are submitted without comment this week.

Clemson at

South Carolina


at BYU


at Kentucky

Oklahoma State

at Oklahoma

Arkansas at

LSU (-6)

Jared Clemson BYU Kentucky Oklahoma State Arkansas
Nick South Carolina BYU Tennessee Oklahoma Arkansas
Dave Clemson BYU Kentucky Oklahoma State LSU
Dominic Clemson BYU Tennessee Oklahoma State Arkansas
Jeremy Clemson BYU Kentucky Oklahoma State LSU
Paul South Carolina BYU Kentucky Oklahoma LSU

Clemson at South Carolina:

Jared: Tommy Bowden is no longer coaching Clemson, and they're headed to the ACC Championship game. Coincidence? I think not. Pick: Clemson

Dave:  Clemson has won six in a row.  South Carolina has lost three straight.  This late in the season, I'm going to ride the momentum and go with the Tigers.  Pick: Clemson

Dominic:  These are two teams going in opposite directions. Clemson has won 6 in a row and South Carolina has lost 4 of it's last 5. Outside of the Florida game, the Gamecocks have been getting blown out. I'm going to take the Tigers in this rivalry game. Pick: Clemson

Paul: Although Clemson has won 10 of the last 12 against their in-state rival, a date with Georgia Tech in the ACC championship game on Dec. 5 will have the Tigers looking ahead. Plus, the Gamecocks are coming off a bye week and desperately need a win to halt a losing streak to end the year for the third straight season. Pick: South Carolina

Jeremy: We're used to seeing Clemson under perform, but this season it's South Carolina that's the train wreck. We don't hear a lot about running back C.J. Spiller here on the left coast. I expect he'll keep the chains moving for Clemson. Pick: Clemson


Utah at BYU:

Jared: BYU is at home, and at least according to Football Outsiders, are slightly better. Pick: BYU

Dave:  Both of these teams have played two tough teams.  Both of these teams have lost both of those games.  These are two mediocre football teams.  To me, the difference is that BYU has the best rush defense in the Pac-10, whereas Utah is a primarily rushing offense.  BYU is much more explosive offensively, and they will get an early lead that Utah struggle to recover from.  Pick: BYU

Dominic:  Utah has been playing better but I think BYU has too much firepower for the Utes to keep this one close. Couple that with BYU playing at home and that should be just enough to give the Cougars the advantage. Pick: BYU

Paul: With TCU in the driver's seat of the Mountain West, it's the battle for second place between these two rivals. Both teams have put together solid seasons, with one in-conference loss to TCU each, and one out-of-conference loss. Frankly, it's a toss-up, but I like BYU at home. Pick: BYU

Jeremy: Gotta lean towards the home team here, as much as I'll be rooting for Utah. Pick: BYU


Tennessee at Kentucky:

Jared: After my article on home field advantage, I figure I'm gonna have to take at least one. Plus, gotta go with Rich Brooks. Pick: Kentucky

Dave:  Oh, Snoconegod, what are you going to do when the Ducks roll into Rocky Top next season?  Neither of these teams are very good, being middling teams in a down conference, so I'll go with Kentucky at home.  This game isn't interesting enough to research more than that.  Pick: Kentucky

Dominic:  It pains me to go against Rich Brooks but I think Tennessee is a pretty good team, despite what their record indicates. If not for a couple of different bounces of the ball, people might be talking about the Volunteers as a contender in the SEC. Pick: Tennessee

Paul: Kentucky hasn't beaten Tennessee since 1984. In fact, not a single player on Kentucky's roster WAS ALIVE the last time the Wildcats beat the Vols. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing. But Tennessee hasn't won on the road this year, and it's not going to happen in Lexington. Pick: Kentucky

Jeremy: Mediocre SEC Team #1 versus Mediocre SEC Team #2. Please, Rich, get it done. Just for me. And Jared, Dave and Paul. Pick: Kentucky.


Oklahoma State at Oklahoma:

Jared: Ugh. OSU has a messed up QB situation, but Oklahoma is falling apart. Pick: Oklahoma State

Dave:  Oklahoma has a ton more talent than the Pokes.  That said, Oklahoma mailed it in this season long ago.  Their performances against Texas Tech and Nebraska have been a total embarrassment.  And you know I'm loving it.  Meanwhile, Oklahoma State is playing for a possible BCS berth.  One team wants to be here.  One team wants to go home.  Pick: Oklahoma State


Dominic:  How does this sound? 6-6 Oklahoma Sooners. That's what going to happen after this weekend. The Cowboys have put the Dez Bryant fiasco behind them and are playing very good football. Without Bradford, the Sooners are a completely different team. Stone Cold Lock it! Pick: Oklahoma State

Paul: Oklahoma's 5-1 at home this year, and that one loss was to BYU when Sam Bradford went down in the first half and the Sooners' offense came to a screeching halt. They also haven't lost to their in-state rival since 2002. Pick: Oklahoma

Jeremy: Gasp! Has Oklahoma quit on Stoops? They've had tough breaks no doubt, but with the kind of talent they have at OU (OregonLive non-Duck fans, did you see what I did there? OU, yes THAT is the acronym used to identify the University of Oklahoma. They can't use UO, because that is ours. That, or they can't spell. Take your pick.) it shouldn't have gone THIS bad. I think Juju is going to pile it on the Sooners, just for fun. I can't believe that Dom used "Stone Cold Lock". Pick: Oklahoma State


Arkansas at LSU (-6):

Jared: I just don't think that LSU is really very good. Is Arkansas good? Who knows, but with Ryan Mallet at QB, they always have a shot to win. And with the spread, that may be enough. Pick: Arkansas

Dave:  Two more mediocre teams from a down SEC.  Give me the home team again, LSU with the points.  Pick: LSU

Dominic:  LSU doesn't score a lot of points and when they lose, they lose close. I think Arkansas has a number of ways to hurt the Tigers and the Razorbacks should cover this one. I just don't think LSU can keep the mental mistakes from affecting their production and who knows what kind of mental shape they are in after a close loss last week. Pick: Arkansas

Paul: If it were going to come down to the final seconds, there's no question in my mind I'd taking Arkansas, as clearly Les Miles is incapable of managing the clock and making sound in-game decisions under pressure. Fortunately for the Tiger faithful, it won't. Pick: LSU

Jeremy: Mediocre SEC Team #3 versus Mediocre SEC Team #4. Les Miles has serious egg on his face and needs his players to put that memory behind them. Arkansas is not terrible and Mallet has the talent to hang some points on the Bayou Bengals. In the end, I think LSU's defense will hang in there. Pick: LSU