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Quack Fix: Preparing for Stanford and ranking the Pac-10

Lots of news out there today for your quack fix, so let's get straight to it.

  • Rob Moseley's feature story today looks at the Oregon and Stanford offenses, which are both powered by strong rushing attacks.  Saturday will be an intersting contrast in styles, as Moseley notes that Stanford sometimes has as many as seven offensive lineman blocking for Toby Gerhart.  
  • Moseley also writes about how the Ducks worked out in only helmets on Monday in an effort to lighten the load a little as the team enters latter third of the season.  Moseley also discusses the changes in practice routine that Kelly has implemented this season, and to which the team has been responding to very well.
  • George Schroeder has a column about LeGarrette Blount's efforts to overcome the early season adversity and fulfill the requirements for reinstatement to the team.  Definitely worth a read, so check it out.
  • Steve Summers of eDuck writes about how the Ducks are putting the USC game behind them with Stanford looming on Saturday.  Summers also asks Kelly how he can avoid his team becoming overconfident as the impressive wins start to pile up.  Kelly's response, "They understand – I talk about one loss or win doesn’t define you as a team. The other thing we need to do is just show them tapes of the Stanford offense, defense and special teams and that’ll get their attention right away."
  • Bob Clark has his Pac-10 rankings up, and it's no surprise that the Ducks are on top.  He does include an ominous note on Stanford, who come in at #6.  Nick Daschel also has his rankings, with an interesting selection at #2.  And, Ted Miller also has the Ducks at #1, as does Husky blogger Bob Condotta
  • A blogger from the Seattle P-I takes a look around the Pac-10 and notes that it's not just UW that is headed in the right direction -- most of the other teams are as well.  While I don't share his rosy outlook on a few of the teams (UCLA, ASU), teams like UW, Arizona and Stanford do appear to be improviing quite dramatically from where they have been in recent years.    
  • The weekly Heisman Pundit poll, which is made up of 13 actual Hesiman voters, now has a couple of Ducks sneaking a few votes

Also, there are a few video clips after the jump, so check them out.

Go Ducks!

Here's Chip Kelly talking Stanford:

Video: Chip Kelly talks Stanford

And, here's Kelly on LeGarrette Blount:

Chip Kelly on LeGarrette Blount

And, here's Mark Asper and Jeremiah Masoli talking about Blount:

Players on LeGarrette Blount


Here's KVAL story that touches on Blount, but also includes video of Chip wearing the mascot head on Saturday morning: