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Jersey Contest: Week 10 -- Blogger Picks

If you haven't made your picks, you can do so here.  The deadline is tonight at 11.59 PM PT.

We have a little more variety with our picks this week (ignoring the first game).  Jeremy's are included without comment.

Illinois at


LSU at


Ohio State at

Penn State



Oregon State 

at California

Jared Minnesota Alabama Penn State UCLA California
Nick Minnesota Alabama Penn State Washington Oregon State
Dave Minnesota Alabama Ohio State Washington Oregon State
Dominic Minnesota LSU Penn State Washington Oregon State
Jeremy Minnesota Alabama Penn State Washington California
Paul Minnesota Alabama Penn State UCLA California

Illinois at Minnesota:

Jared: Minnesota isn't all that good, but Illinois and Ron Zook suck way more. Pick: Minnesota

Nick:  This game seemed a lot more interesting when I picked it on Monday morning.  Now, it looks like a terrible Illinois team playing on the road against an average Minnesota team.  Seems like an easy pick.  For what it's worth, Phil Steele likes the upset here.  Pick: Minnesota

Dave: I know that Minnesota's best player is out.  But they beat Michigan State even with Eric Decker out.  And Illinois sucks.  In every way possible.  With a game against South Dakota State still on the schedule, Minnesota is on the way to an under the radar 7-5 season.  Pick: Minnesota

Dominic: Illinois comes into this game with a surprising win over Michigan but I just don't see how they can beat this Minnesota team at home. They found some things but Michigan just had a downright awful game in the loss. The only other win for Illinois is against Illinois State near the beginning of the year. I think Minnesota is pretty good at home and has shown the ability to hang with teams more consistently, even in losses. Even the most conservative bet has Minnesota at 4.5 with most lines at a full touchdown. No upset in this one. Pick: Minnesota

Paul: Minnesota has shown up A LOT in the Jersey Contest this year.  Did Nick go to school there?  I like the direction the Minnesota program is going in, and I like them at home in their spiffy new stadium.  Aside from that, I really don't care. Pick: Minnesota


LSU at Alabama:

Jared: I'd really like to go with the upset here, but I'm still not convinced that LSU is actually any good. I also have a feeling that Alabama will pull itself out of the offensive doldrums after the bye week, and get this game at home. Pick: Alabama

Nick:  Man, if this game was in Death Valley I'd be awfully tempted to take LSU.  Both teams boast top 10 defenses in terms of points scored.  Ultimately, I think Alabama's offense (averaging just under 220 yards a game on the ground) can get it done when it matters most.  Pick:  Alabama

Dave: I'm really struggling with this one.  Alabama's offense is starting to look one dimensional.  But the same could be said in reverse.  This is going to be a low scoring 13-10 type affair, as the defenses are miles ahead of the offenses.  If the game were in Baton Rouge, I could be tempted, but I like the Tide in a close game in Tuscaloosa.  Pick: Albama

Dominic:  I'm going against the grain here and picking LSU in the upset for a couple of reasons. For one, I don't think Alabama has played anyone of consequence... an overrated Ole' Miss team, a Virginia Tech team that appears to be pretty average and the Crimson Tide ESCAPED against Tennessee. LSU had opportunities against Florida and just couldn't capitalize on them. I think LSU is flying under the radar nationally with all of the hype on a possible Alabama-Florida matchup in the SEC championship game. Offensively, this looks like a one-sided affair towards Bama but I think LSU's defense has just enough to slow Mark Ingram down and make the Heisman Race that much more clouded. Pick: LSU

Paul:  This should be a great game to watch, especially since the mere sight of Nick Saban or Les Miles invokes genuine and immediate hatred in my heart.  Some Oregon fans really think an LSU win helps us, and I can't emphasize enough that LSU will surpass us in the BCS standings if they win.  But, I also think the Crimson Tide are the better team. Pick: Alabama


Ohio State at Penn State:

Jared: Penn State seems to be getting on a roll. Daryll Clark and Evan Royster make a great combo on offense, and Penn State has one of the top defenses in the country. As much as people want to talk about Terelle Pryor improving, he hasn't had a good performance against competent defense yet this season. Pick: Penn State

Nick:  I think this game will be a classic Big-10 showdown (read: low-scoring and boring).  I think the decisive edge belongs to Penn State's offense, especially at home.  Pick: Penn State

Dave: I cannot think of a bigger fraud in the top 25 than Penn State.  We rip on Boise's schedule, but Penn State may be worse because, seriously, they have no excuse.  Penn State's schedule is an embarrassment to major college football.  I have it on good faith that Juju is going to make them pay for the utter abomination that their schedule has been.  We love you, Juju!  Pick: Ohio State

Dominic: The one loss for Penn State was at home against a team currently ranked #4 in the nation. Whether you think Iowa is overrated or not, it doesn't change the fact that the Hawkeyes have beaten Penn State two years in a row. I think outside of Iowa, Penn State has been great the last few years and I don't see Ohio State pulling this one out. I think Jim Tressel's conservative style will get him into trouble and I don't think Pryor can escape the speedy Penn State defense. If we were predicting this matchup for 2010, I might go the other way but I don't think Ohio State is quite there yet. Too many losses from last year and not enough experience overall. Pick: Penn State

Paul: Terrelle Pryor's first trip to Happy Valley, where many thought he'd be playing home games.  The pressure on Pryor to perform will be heavy, and it could affect his performance.  The question is whether or not that effect will be positive or negative.  I guess we'll find out.  It should be a great Big Ten battle, but I'm taking the home team on this one. Pick: Penn State


Washington at UCLA:

Jared: Jake Locker is injured and Washington is on the road. UCLA at least showed some signs of life against OSU. Pick: UCLA

Nick:  I can't believe that UCLA is a favorite in this game, as they are currently giving five points.  Though, this may have a lot to do with Jake Locker's health.  However, it looks like he will be playing, and even Locker at ~75% should be enough.  Pick: Washington

Dave: Does somebody have to win this game?  Neither team is very good, but at least the Huskies have an offensive pulse.  I'll go with them.  Pick: Washington

Dominic:  Jake Locker has been cleared to play and will get the start against UCLA. With him at the helm, I like the Husky offense in the game and we should see some big plays in the running and passing games. UCLA should slow them down but not enough to keep them from scoring. I still think the Bruins have issues offensively and even though Washington's defense has been pretty bad this year, I don't think UCLA can sustain drives without making mistakes. Pick: Washington

Paul: It's the Pac-10's Battle of Who Could Care Less.  UCLA has been atrocious lately, although they at least covered the spread in Corvallis last weekend.  Washington is just not there, as much as everyone wanted to think they were after the upset over USC.  I'm giving the edge to UCLA, only because Washington has been terrible on the road this year. Pick: UCLA


Oregon State at California:

JaredKevin Riley has improved since the Oregon and USC debacles, and I think he'll have his way against the porous OSU secondary. However, Cal's defense has been a large disappointment, and OSU will be able to move the ball as well. However, OSU's pass rush is a shell of what it was last year, and Cal wins the shootout. Pick: California

Nick:  I told you all that I have finally figured out the Beavers.  You still have time to change your picks accordingly.  Pick: Oregon State

Dave: Another damn Beaver game?  Nick, are you a closet Beaver?  Why do we give so much time to the barkrodents around here?  ATQ South hasn't convinced me of their worth yet.  Its predictible every season--Oski gets worse and worse, while the Beavers get better and better.  I'll go with OSU on this one.  Pick: Oregon State

Dominic: This series is interesting because the road team tends to do better when these teams do battle. It's November and historically you don't bet against the Beavs in November. I'm a little concerned about bumps and bruises to the Rodgers Brothers but they have done what they need to do. This is a big test for Cal to see if they belong in the top 3 of the conference. I like Jahvid Best and Kevin Riley has improved the last few games but let's be honest...UCLA, Washington State and Arizona State aren't very good. The Beaver defense will give up plays but I don't see Cal stopping Sean Canfield. I think the Beavers start their yearly climb in November with the win. Pick: Oregon State

Paul:  The Beavers continue to find ways to win.  That will stop on Saturday in Berkeley.  Cal is slowly and quietly creeping back up the Pac-10 latter.  After Oregon and USC demolished them in two straight weeks, the Bears have been picking up steam.  After Cal lost to USC, I told a couple Cal fans (I live in SF, so there are a lot of them) that I thought the Bears would right the ship and finish 9-3.  I'm retracting that prediction. They're going to finish 10-2. Pick: California