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Quack Fix: Kelly Still Fond Of Pryor; Says Rose Bowl Has Always Been "The" Game

The Ducks will formally put the regular season behind them as they resume practice tomorrow in preparation for the Rose Bowl. It's a little quiet out there today, but things are sure to heat up shortly.

  • Adam Jude of the R-G has compiled a few notes, including Chip Kelly on not landing Terrell Pryor, and his appreciation of the Rose Bowl.
  • Jason Vondersmith of the Portland Trib has somewhat more thorough articles on the same topics: Kelly is still following Pryor's progress at tOSU; Kelly says the Rose Bowl has always been "The" game in college football.
  • It's rare that I even glance at Canzano's column, but yesterday's headline caught my attention. He challenges the forward-thinking Pac-10 conference to the first AQ conference to take a stand against the current system that settles nothing. Larry Scott, are you listening?
  • ESPN has posted his Oregon Season Recap. You can also check out his recaps for all other conference teams in his Pac-10 blog.
  • ESPN also has some numbers and video for 3-star cornerback Troy Hill of Ventura, CA, Oregon's latest verbal commitment. Seems the Ducks' recruiting class is starting to look like a defensive gem.

If you find something of interest, please share with the rest of the class. Me, I'm sick as a purple dawg, so I'll be layin' low today. I blame the BCS match-up between TCU and Boise State - a complete sham of a match-up that conveniently, for the AQ conferences, provides us no answers whatsoever about the ability of undefeated teams from the WAC and MWC to play with any team in the country, any time, anywhere. It makes my head hurt.