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Quack Fix: Of Course A Duck Wins The Bowerman; More (Stupid) Fun With Little Guns.

No excuses. I just couldn't get to QF until lunch today (yeah, lunch at 2). I joked with the other editors that working in retail marketing a week out from Christmas is like being stuck in an avalanche. I sometimes purposely drool just so I can be sure which way is up.

Here's the Quack:

  • Why not start with some Track & Field news...Oregon's other big sport. How fitting, Galen Rupp was honored with the inaugural Bowerman award. Rupp, the star of Oregon's championships in 2008-09 shared the award - named after longtime Oregon coach Bill Bowerman - with Jenny Barringer, a distance runner from for the U of Colorado.
  • Seriously? Can we please ban pellet/bb guns from the U of O atheletic department? Three of our young duckling football players were cited for allegedly firing a weapon that resulted in a shattered window in their apartment complex.
  • If you're using the "transitive property of equality" method to pick a UO win of tOSU in the Rose, you'll want to check out this article by Chris Hansen for the R-G.
  • Rob Moseley's Duck-of-the-Day is freshman punter Jackson Rice.
  • Lavasier Tuinei says he doesn't like the Big Ten. The feeling is probably mutual. Check out Jason Vondersmith's interview with the Ducks 6-5 receiver, who down the stretch played a key roll in Oregon's offense with some nice catches and excellent downfield blocking.
  • Willamette Week - of all places - has all the answers to Everything Ohio State Wants To Know About The Ducks...actually, there are few answers, but several videos.
  • John Wilner of the Mercury News has Chip Kelly at the top of his post-season ranking of Pac-10 football coaches. I appreciate that he put Pete Carroll at no. 10, but it makes me wonder, did Wilner actually watch ASU or WSU play at all?

Again, sorry for the tardy post. You'll get over it.