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Quack Fix: Bellotti Coaching at Ohio State, Scott Frost, Basketball Notes

The quack addicts are restless. We must let them feed

  • Ron Bellamy has a great article up about EJ Singler, Malcolm Armstead and Jeremy Jacob's contributions to the men's basketball team this year. This team was still young going into this season but you have to love the play of these three young men, all newcomers to the team this year.
  • Corvallis Mayor Charlie Tomlinson is seen fulfilling his obligations due to the Civil War outcome.
  • Adam Jude profiles football coach Scott Frost's road to the University of Oregon.
  • Where have we heard this before? Discipline and conditioning will be the keys to shutting down the Oregon attack.
  • If you aren't following the Oregon Women's Basketball team, there is no time like the present to start. The Ducks are 9-1 after a win against Wyoming. Gametime is 6pm tonight against Utah to round out the non-conference schedule.
  • Times could have been a LOT different in Eugene over the last decade if Mike Bellotti had decided to take the Ohio State job back in 2001.

As always, leave your comments, complaints, paranoia and angst below. Go Ducks!