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Quack Fix: The Oregon Ducks are the Pac-10 Champions

What a night. I still have a grin plastered across my face. The Ducks are Pac-10 champions. Here's your post-Civil War quack:

  • First off, Chip Kelly. 3 fourth down attempts and conversions that saved and then won the game for the Ducks. George Schroeder caught up with him after the game, and Kelly never had any thought of NOT going for it. And the confidence that Kelly displayed spread to the whole team. Despite being down by 9 in the 3rd, the Ducks never wavered, they never gave up. They just kept on plugging, and made big play after big play, on both sides of the ball.
  • Ken Woody has his post-game analysis up. A few things that stuck out: Bringing in Blount turned out to be much more than giving him some playing time as a senior. His physicality was something the Ducks desperately needed (Paul was right!). Second, for all the talk about the Beavers "controlling the clock," it was the Ducks that did that in the second half, with a number of huge drives to keep the Beaver offense off the field. Lastly, OSU seemed to make no attempt to establish a running game. The Ducks dominated the ground game, especially in the second half.
  • Adam Jude has a piece on LeGarrette Blount, and the emotional night after a long and lonely season. One of my favorite parts of the night can be seen on the SportsCenter highlights of the game (they won't let me embed): The massive smile on Gary Cambell's face when he hugs Blount after his touchdown. I'm so happy for LeGarrette for getting to this point. He kept his head down, and worked hard all season, even when he wasn't being rewarded. How the entire team responded to the Boise situation makes me proud to be a Duck.
  • Ted Miller has a piece on the bumpy ride the Ducks endured. It has been an exciting ride, with some incredible lows, which make the highs that much sweeter.
  • The senior sendoff was a great success, and good thing it was well before kickoff, or it may have been a bit teary on the sideline.
  • And, since I can't resist looking forward, let's take a quick look at recruiting. There were some huge visitors last night, including a surprise by Dominique Easley, one of the top DE recruits in the nation. Don't be surprised if the Duck commitments start rolling in.

After the jump a few videos. As always, leave your links and comments below. It's a day of celebration!!! GO DUCKS!!!

The ESPN crew breaks down the Oregon victory

Chip Kelly Talks Civil War

Chip Kelly full post-game press conference

Jeremiah Masoli post-game press conference

KVAL post game coverage