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Jersey Contest: Week 14 - Blogger Picks

Well, this is it -- the final week of picks.  If you haven't made your picks, you can do so here.  The deadline is tonight at 11.59 PM PT.

Here are your weekly game picks from the ATQ bloggers.  Only Jared and Dominic submitted comments this week.  


Cincinnati at


West Virginia

at Rutgers

Florida vs



at USC (-8)

New Mexico State

Boise State (-44)

Jared Cincinnati West Virginia Florida Arizona Boise State
Nick Cincinnati West Virginia Florida USC New Mexico State
Dave Cincinnati West Virginia Alabama Arizona New Mexico State
Dominic Cincinnati West Virginia Alabama Arizona

Boise State

Jeremy Cincinnati West Virginia Florida Arizona Boise State
Paul Pittsburgh West Virginia Florida Arizona New Mexico State

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh:

Jared:  Can the Wanstache win the big game? I say no, even if Brian Kelly has one foot out the door. Pick: Cincinnati

Dominic:  I like the Bearcats in this matchup, even in Pittsburgh. Cinci has been getting better and better throughout the year and even though this might be their one chance to slip up, I just don't see it. Oh, and Tony Pike is the man. Pick: Cincinnati

Jeremy: I just can't get the image of Pittsburgh's Sun Bowl against OSU out of my head. And more undefeated AQ teams just makes the BCS that much more flawed. Pick: Cincinnati


West Virginia at Rutgers:

Jared:  West Virginia is not favored, but the S&P stats give them a 10 point advantage. When the disparity is that large, I gotta go with the Mountaineers. Pick: West Virginia

Dominic:  I like West Virginia's gutsy win against Pitt last week and even though Rutgers has recovered from a horrible loss to Cinci early in the season, I think the Mountaineers pull off this one big. Pick: West Virginia

Jeremy: I'm trying to recall if I've seen Rutgers play even one game this year. West Virginia just feels like the safer pick. Pick: West Virginia


Florida vs Alabama:

Jared:  For as much crap as he takes on this site, Tim Tebow is one of the best college players of the decade, and he can do it all. Both teams have great defenses, but Tebow will be the difference in the game. Pick: Florida

Dominic:  The Tebow-era is finally coming to a close and no one is happier about this than me. Don't get me wrong, he's a great player but I'm just tired of the circus. Because I'm so tired of it, I don't want to hear about how great he will be when he wins "another national title". I want to see TCU vs. Florida in the Sugar Bowl so I'm rooting for the home team. Go Bama! Roll Tide! Pick: Alabama

Jeremy: Come on. This game is all about...Timmmmaaaay! He's gonna roll the Tide because Saban's a jerk and he's going to continue to get beat on the biggest stages. That, and because Lane Kiffin says "Alabama has better coaching". Lots of bad karma for 'Bama. Jeez, Kiffin drop the cry baby act with Florida already. Pick: Florida


Arizona at USC (-8):

Jared:  I think Arizona has a great chance to win this game. They have an offense that can move the ball very well, and a stout defense. They are balance enough to take on USC (who they always play very tough). Pick: Arizona

Dominic:   8 points is a lot of points and the way Arizona has been playing as of late, I think they cover. They may not win but I can't resist taking the Wildcats in this pick. Pick: Arizona

Jeremy: USC's defense just isn't all that this year. Foles can put a nice Holiday Bowl wrap on his breakout year in the Pac-10. I also like the speed on UA's defense. The group of loser Wildcat fans who threw crap at Oregon don't deserve this, but their team has played well this year. Pick: Arizona

New Mexico State at Boise State (-44):

Jared:  I literally flipped an internet coin on this one. Tails it is! Pick: Boise State 

Dominic:  44 points is a lot but New Mexico State is not a good football team. I'm taking the Broncos. Pick: Boise State

Jeremy: One more chance for Boise State to make a statement. Of course it mostly falls on deaf ears, because, well, they're playing New Mexico State (aka Washington State according to one blogger who made me laugh earlier today). Pick: Boise State