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WBB Game 9 Recap: Oregon 102, Long Beach State 70

The Oregon Ducks took down Long Beach State 102-70 on Sunday, going 5-1 on the homestand. The Ducks only trailed once during the game earlier on when the score was 3-2 in favor of Long Beach State but Oregon turned up the heat on defense, causing turnovers and exploding the lead to 52-28 going into the half. The 49ers would never threaten as Oregon maintained control throughout the second half and breezed to the victory.

Oregon shot nearly 53% from the field, including 45% from beyond the arc. The Ducks won all the hustle plays racking up 11 steals, 6 blocks, 26 assists and causing 28 Long Beach State turnovers. The 49ers were held to 40% shooting and had 14 less shots overall even though they won the rebounding battle 38-32.

Micaela Cocks led the way for Oregon with 27 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. The most impressive part of that line is shooting 8-9 from the field including 5-5 from beyond the arc. Tayor Lilley was extremely active, scoring 25 points on 8-15 from the field. She also contributed 7 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks. Jasmin Holiday also made 6-8 from the field for 13 points and had 4 steals in 22 minutes.

Next Game: Wednesday, December 16th at Georgia Tech. 3pm PST