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Morning Quack Fix: 2.10.09

Good morning Duck fans. Enjoy your daily quack fix.

  • Bryce Brown will select a school on March 12.  This announcement was, of course, first made public by a press release on handler's website.  The "official" press release notes that Brown plans to trip to Tennessee and will decide between LSU, USC and Miami for his final visit.
  • Over on OregonLive, Rickert chimes in with his own thoughts on recent comittments Tuinei, Lane and Harris (including links to flim highlights).  The blog post includes some information on why many schools may not have thought that Tuinei was available after only one year at JC.  Moseley also has the qualifying information for Tuinei on his blog.  Regardless, Tuinei is a guy that I am pretty excited to add to our incoming class.
  • Ducks Attack has a blog post up about yet another 2010 prep recruit from Florida that is interested in Oregon.  This time, it is DB Tony Grimes, who is already getting a lot of interest from SEC and ACC schools.  Grimes lists Oregon and Florida as his current favorites.  The Ducks ability to attract interest from recruit-rich Florida is definitely an exciting development.
  • Finally, ragnarok (of CGB fame) has come up with his own NCAA Division 1-A football reorganization.  His plan features 10 12-team conferences, with the champions paired up in the major bowls -- with no playoffs.  What do you think?  Does he have the right idea or is he completely offbase?

As usual, feel free to chime in or add any comments in the links.

Go Ducks!