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Morning Quack Fix: 2.11.09

Grab your quack pipes, Ducks fans, 'cuz it's that time again:

  • Running back LeGarrette Blount and linebacker Terrance Pritchett have been suspended indefinitely from Oregon's football program, head coach Mike Bellotti announced yesterday, stating the players failed "to fulfill team obligations." We'll keep a close eye on this developing story as more information becomes available, but this certainly doesn't put Oregon fans at ease.
  • On a positive note, The Oregonian's John Hunt has a nice piece on the re-emergence of Tajuan Porter, without a doubt one of the few bright spots of the men's basketball team in the past month. It seems like only yesterday Ernie was benching Tajuan in Tempe.
  • And since we're trying to stay positive today, check out Register-Guard columnist George Schroeder's defense of keeping Ernie for another year, regardless of how this season turns out. I highly recommend all you Ernie-haters read it. (PS: I'm not one of you.)
  • And how about we finish off with a recruiting update that doesn't include the words "Bryce," "Brown," "Brian," or "Butler?" Prep standout Jamil Wilson from Racine, Wisc., is strongly considering Oregon. Wilson, a 6'7" small forward who has drawn comparisons to former North Carolina freshman phenom Marvin Williams, will announce his choice on March 8. He apparently grew up watching former Oregon star Alex Scales (also a Racine native) and has narrowed his list down to Oregon, Michigan State, and Texas.

There's a lot to discuss in regards to the Blount Blunder, so post those comments and help get us through over the week's halfway point.