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Morning Quack Fix: 2.24.09

Good morning Duck fans.  Here's the latest news:

  • Moseley blogged yesterday that there is still no news about JC WR Tyrece Gaines and his transfer to Oregon.  He does note that Oklahoma, thought to be the main competition for Gaines, is no longer a "serious challenger".  Moseley also links some profiles from the Ducks participating in the NFL Combine.  Max Unger also answers a few questions about the combine for the Oregon Daily Emerald. 
  • Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has a column up that touches on Nick Reed not getting an invite to the combine.   Despite missing out on the combine, Reed plans to participate in Oregon's pro day on March 12 and plans to surprise a lot of people -- just like he always has.
  • Speaking of the NFL Combine, it appears that George Wrighster has his own blog, and he offers up his thoughts on the NFL Combine process.
  • has been looking at all the Pac-10 schools (except for USC) to determine  which school had the best unit (e.g., RB, WR, OL, etc.) over the last 10 years based on a set of pre-defined criteria, such as all-league honors, heisman voting, and NFL draft picks.  The current focus is on RB -- and Oregon comes out on top -- and just behind USC. (NOTE: Oregon was earlier proclaimed Quarterback U).
  • Jeff Smith has a blog entry up about baseball player Drew Gagnier getting ready to face some of his former teammates from Fresno State.  Gagnier transferred from the Bulldogs after his freshman season in 2007 -- which means he missed out on being a part of last year's national champion Fresno State team.  However, Gagnier has no regrets and has used the upcoming series as motivation.
  • Jeff Kneis from offers his thoughts on Oregon baseball after attending the second game of the Saturday double header against St. Mary.  Unfortunately, he starts off with a description of the uniforms.  After watching Oroegon play one of their first games in 28 years, that'd probably be the last place I'd start.
  • To storm the court or not to storm?  The ODE has an op-ed piece up about the Ducks storming the court after notching their first pac-10 win against Stanford on Saturday.  As I noted in the gameday thread, I am not sure that I would have personally stormed the court, but I have no problem with those that did.  In fact, I am relieved that after the dreadful season we had, that there were still so many enthusiastic students and fans in attendance. 
  • Bob Clark has an update on incoming JC basketball player Jeremy Jacob.  Jacob originally signed with Georgia out of high school, but was awarded a medical redshirt after getting hurt early on in his first year.  He then transferred to Chipola College for the current season.  All this means that he has three years of eligibility for Oregon. 
  • The latest in the Bryce Brown saga is that the last trip will be to LSU this weekend and not Miami.  Bryce's father seems to believe that Miami may not be as interested in Bryce as they once  were because of the "media circus" surrounding his recruitment.  However, he goes on to say that Miami is still in the running to land his son on March 16.

Go Ducks!