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Morning Quack Fix: 2.25.09

Sorry for the delay, Ducks fans. Technical difficulties last night (namely Comcast) kept me from getting this post up on time. Better late than never, right? Here's your "Morning" Quack Fix:

  • First, a little news hot off the presses: The Wichita Eagle's Jeffery Martin reports Oregon's QB-turned-WR Chris Harper might be having second thoughts. According to Harper's brother Ladale, younger brother Chris intends to finish his freshman year at Oregon and then mull his options. I can't say I'm surprised, as his chances of playing QB for the Ducks in the near future are not strong.
  • It looks like former Oregon back-up point guard Ben Voogd, who transferred to the Ducks from LSU two seasons ago, will play for Northwest Christian University next season. The Florence native who redshirted for the Ducks last year left the team earlier this season citing a lack of playing time.
  • Our former CEQ (Chief Executive of Quack) Bev Smith isn't being held to the same standard as men's head coach Ernie Kent
  • As jtlight pointed out yesterday, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Ted Miller, who covers the Pac-10 for ESPN as well, has a write-up on the Pac-10's impending quarterback controversies heading into spring practice. Although I, like everyone else, believe Jeremiah Masoli is the man heading into the spring, with so much depth at quarterback, I was surprised Miller glossed over Oregon.

As always, if you see anything else out there, make sure you post it in the comments.

And, as always, GO DUCKS!