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Morning Quack Fix: 2.27.09

Not a lot going on in the early part of the morning, but this weekend has quite a bit in store, with Fresno State coming to town to help open up PK Park, and the Civil War. Let's get to the good stuff:

  • Adam Jude, from the RG, previews the FSU series. FSU is the defending national champions, so this will be a major test. While expectations on this Duck team are slim, it'll be very interesting to see them grow over the season. Also, for those in the coverage area, the game on Sunday will be televised on Comcast Sports Northwest.
  • As Oregon baseball opens in Eugene again, we can't forget Mel Krause. Mel, who coached the team from 1971-81, passed away last summer, but never gave up on Oregon baseball. OregonLive helps us remember his contributions.
  • Also, for those so inclined, the Register Guard has a very cool panoramic shot of PK Park, for those that won't be able to make it to the game.
  • Bryce Brown is in the news again, visiting LSU this weekend, but apparently the NCAA is investigating his "mentor" Brian Butler. As we all know, Butler is a real piece of work, and this article has an old player of Butler's questioning his methods. This guy is nothing but bad news. Also, while things are pretty quiet between Bryce and Oregon, things with Miami seem to be getting heated. It seems as if Miami is fed up with being jerked around by Bryce's "commitment," and have possibly pulled his scholarship offer (though they can't say publicly). It would be the highest of comedy if Bryce committed to Miami, only to have no scholarship from them. Show 'em who's boss, Shannon!

As always, leave your comments and links below. GO DUCKS!