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Power Rankings: Men's Hoops Week 5

Oregon State is riding the longest winning streak in the Pac-10 coming into this week's power rankings. How far did they move up? Also, Washington lost a tough game this week. Was it enough to drop them from the top spot in the poll? As always, click the jump to see the latest Pac-10 Power Rankings!

Rank (lw) Votes Team Conf Overall Comments
1 (3) 43 UCLA 7-2 17-4 Beating up on the bay area schools makes for happy Bruins.
2 (1) 42 Washington 7-2 16-5 Losing to Arizona is not a good way to maintain that top spot in the rankings. I thought we just decided that the Huskies were for real!
3 (5) 33 USC 6-3 15-6 Trojans escape with a win against Stanford but a win is a win regardless.
4 (2) 30 Arizona State 5-4 16-5 Arizona State came back down to earth with two losses against the Washington home no less.
5 (4) 23 Cal 5-4 16-6 Losers of 4 out of their last 5 games and the Bears didn't look good against a bad Oregon team.
6 (9) 18 Arizona 4-5 14-8 Good wins against the Washington schools including dropping 106 on the Huskies. You don't think that overtime win did something for the Wildcats do you?
7 (6) 17 Washington State 4-5 12-9 You will always take a split on the road, especially when you go to the desert.
8 (7) 13 Oregon State 4-5 10-10 Tied for 6th in the Pac-10, 4 more wins in conference than they had all of year, longest winning streak going at 4 games and the Beavs only manage to get up to 8th place? Some of the voters must have spent too much time at the University of California at Eugene.
9 (8) 6 Stanford 3-6 13-6 Losers of three straight, the Cardinal have the Washington schools coming to town.
10 (10) 0 Oregon 0-9 6-15 The guys over at Building the Dam know Calvin Hayes well. What did he say about the Beavers sending Oregon to 0-9 in conference? -- "I'm glad it's them, and not us."