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Morning Quack Fix: 2.06.09

Yes, David, this is real life. And you should probably lay off the Quack until Oregon's basketball season is over.

After post-Signing Day wrap-ups dominated yesterday's Ducks news, things have cooled off considerably. And by "cooled off considerably," I mean "gotten really depressing." Because there's really nothing more depressing than the Oregon men's basketball team. Well, except a dad filming his drugged-up kid pondering his existence, and then sharing the footage with the entire modern world.

  • Here's some news hot off the presses: Oregon's basketball team isn't very good! The Ducks dropped to 0-10 in Pac-10 play last night at Mac Court with a 66-57 loss to No. 24 Arizona State. James Harden led the Sun Devils with 36 points, the highest single-game mark in a Pac-10 match-up so far this season.
  • But there's been some positive Oregon hoops news in recent days: Former Oregon stars Luke Jackson and Malik Hairston are D-League All-Stars. We'll have the rare opportunity to see the two Oregon alums take the same court on national TV, albeit on opposing squads.
  • And finally, Ken Goe of The Oregonian wrote a nice feature on former Oregon athletic director Bill Moos, who played a major role in bringing the NCAA Tournament to Portland, which will take place March 19 and 21 at the Rose Garden. According to the article, Moos seems to have some bitterness about the way things ended at Oregon, and may not attend the games. That's okay, Bill. The Ducks won't be there either.

As always, dig up those obscure links and post them in the comments. And try to stay away from whatever David had. That includes watching the Ducks play Arizona on Saturday.