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Poll: Spread Offense in the NFL?

The Orlando Sentinal has a story up about Jon Gruden and what he is doing now that he has been ousted as coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Apparently he wants to learn the spread offense. Here's a quote:

Q: People are going to think you want a college job.

A: "No. It means I want to learn more football. I'm going to pick out two or three cool colleges that I think have great offenses. Great places. I want to go to Oregon. I want my son to go to Oregon football camp, and I want to learn what the Oregon Ducks are doing on offense. ... I want to go in there and try to be a guest coach. I want to go to Al Groh's camp in Virginia. I love the way Al Groh coaches that football team. I want to learn a little bit about Coach [Jim] Leavitt. I want to learn about the USF team. I think he has done a hell of a job, building it from scratch. I think that's one of the great stories in football, what he's done in 12 years there at USF."

So what do you think? Does the spread offense translate to the NFL? Could we see Chip (or others out there that are spread gurus) leave for NFL teams? Vote in the poll and leave your comments below.