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Morning Quack Fix: 2.9.09

It's Monday. How fun. On to the links:

  • In the Ernie Kent watch, Duck Sports News brings a little historical perspective to the table. DSN only looks at the last 5 years under Kent, but the results are not all that promising. Overall, I think at this point, we know what we're going to see with Oregon basketball under Ernie Kent. Even if you look at a team that had a lot of talent, like last years team, the same problems persist. This style of basketball and coaching has led us to some great heights (2 elite 8 appearances). But, it could also lead to one of the worst basketball seasons in Oregon history. So, as Jay points out with numbers, this leaves Kent no better over the long haul than Monson or Green.
  • Is progress being made on the basketball team? Bob Clark seems to think so, and he has an article today about progress being made by the freshmen, specifically Dunigan and Wiley.
  • In better news, Rob Moseley takes a look back at the best recruiting class in Oregon history, the 2007 class. And a ton of those players will be starting next season. It should be fun to watch.
  • Ted Miller has post signing day preseason Pac-10 out. Oregon comes in at #3 behind USC and Cal. Personally, I'd put Oregon ahead of Cal at this point. I just don't see Cal being consistent in the passing game, which was pretty terrible last season. Even including Masoli's stinkers earlier in the season, by the end, he still had better stats than either Riley or Longshore. And despite Tedford's knack with QBs, he hasn't even had average QB play since Longshore's sophomore year (2006), and since that point, QB play at Cal has regressed.
  • And in your latest Bryce Brown update, he'll be visiting USC on Feb 20th.