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Morning Quack Fix: 3.16.09

[UPDATE] Bryce Brown will be attending Tennessee next year.

What a weekend! With Bellotti's decision to move up to AD on Friday, the news has been coming strong all weekend long. Hope you were able to handle all that quack. But to get the week started, we got some more. If you missed the weekend news, make sure to check out the weekend Quack Fix. Let's get to it:

  • The next order of business for Oregon football is deciding what to do with the OC position, and who will be calling plays. Ron Bellamy has a piece on the OC hiring and how Chip plans to run the team. Kelly will be interviewing for a "football coach," and is not intent on finding someone with that background.How play calling, etc. will be handled is still up in the air. The article also contains a large amount of information on how Kelly will handle being the coach, and how his style will differ from Bellotti's. The main difference will be in personality and motivation style, with Kelly being more outgoing and authoritative than Bellotti. It's a very well written and informative piece, so make sure to check it out.
  • The AP has some more on the Bellotti/Kelly/Kilkenny situation, and Moseley has his piece on the succession. It seems that Bellotti wanted to make the decision before finals for the players, and the decision was announced the last day of classes. Apparently the announcement was quite emotional. It sounds like Bellotti's calm and content, but the decision was not made until Thursday evening. Also, he will not have a part in the decision on the futures of Oregon basketball coaches Ernie Kent and Bev Smith, so expect any moves to be made before July 1st, if at all. Also, you can read the entire press conference transcript here, and see video highlights here.
  • It's finally here. Bryce Brown is deciding at 11, and from what Rickert is hearing, it's between Oregon and KSU. Honestly, I would be surprised if he didn't pick Oregon, but what do I know. Wherever he goes, he's gonna have to prove it on the field. Good luck to him on the biggest decision of his life. KGSO 1410 in Wichita will be covering the announcement. Also, apparently Chris Harper will be in attendance. You can read into that whatever you want.
  • Oregon baseball had a good showing over the weekend, but only drew a split on a four game series at Nevada. Oregon pitcher Bennett Whitmore threw 8 shutout innings as Oregon won 3-0 on Saturday, but could not capitalize on a strong showing by starter Madison Boer, as Oregon fell 2-1 on Sunday. Oregon now stands at 8-8 on the year, not bad for a team that hasn't been around in 28 years.

That's it for now. I'm sure we'll have some more news to add soon, so stick around and discuss. GO DUCKS!