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Morning Quack Fix: 3.20.09

March Madness is upon us! It wasn't that eventful of a day, with few upsets, so hopefully today things will pick up. On to the Quack!

  • The Ernie Kent speculation is picking up. Pat Kilkenny is meeting with Kent next week to decide his fate. Kilkenny hasn't made up his mind, and has arguments for both keeping and getting rid of Kent. Dwight Jaynes is picking up rumors that Kent's days are numbered. I'm starting to think that Kent is gonna be gone. It does not bode well that Kilkenny isn't in his corner already, and is publicly debating in his own mind firing the coach. I think what is clear is that Kent has a ceiling as a coach, and we've reached that ceiling. We know what we're gonna get. We'll have some great years, and terrible ones. And with a new arena, consistency is needed more than higher highs. Matt Court will be filled 90% of the time if the team is in the top half of the Pac-10. It will be filled half the time if the team struggles, and that is just not acceptable. Ernie has raised expections in Eugene, and it's clear the Athletic Department is looking forward, and for more growth. While it may not be fair, Kent just can't help with that.
  • Moseley keeps churning out his spring previews, with the latest being the linebackers. Due to travel and other things, I've fallen behind on the ATQ previews. But they will be done before the start of practice, so keep your eyes open for those.
  • Oregon baseball is headed to Portland for the Rose City Invitational. Should be a great time for any Portland fans who can make it over to PGE Park.

That's all for now. Leave any other links below. GO DUCKS!