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Morning Quack Fix: 3.24.09

Good morning Duck fans.  Here we are in Spring Break, and there is not a whole lot of news out there.  Here's what I could find:

  • First, I know Jared has posted this as a fanshot and comment, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw Miller's Q&A with Chip Kelly. Lots of good info in there, including answers on Blount's suspension, LaMichael James, and Nate Costa.  Also, he mentions that Kelly expects to have a new assistant coach in place before spring practices start on March 30.  And, speaking of the open coaching position, Moseley posts the job listing.  Of note, calling plays is not explicitly listed as a responsibility.  Moseley also writes in the comments that Masoli thinks Kelly will end up calling the plays from upstairs during games.
  • With Kent and Kilkenny set to meet this week to discuss Kent's future, Bud Withers writes that Few has a better situation at Gonzaga.  I think that's a valid argument, but I think he diminshes some of the potential advantages of Oregon and the fact that he may have done all he can at Gonzaga. 
  • Finally, Oregon opens up it's last non-conference baseball series today with Sacramento State.  If Oregon can sweep the two games from Sac. State, they'll head into Pac-10 play  with a .500 record.  And, in case you've forgotten, the Ducks open up Pac-10 play on Friday at home against the Beavers. 

As always, leave your comments and other links below.

 Go Ducks!