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ATQ Spring Meetup Updates and a Big Announcement

Update (by JConant): I just commited $10 to dvieira. That will pay for FIVE local kids to go see the Ducks lacross game and join in the Easter egg hunt. Now I'm looking for other ATQers to match that. Will you?


Hey there Quack Addicts. April 11th is fast approaching! Don't forget to get all signed up for the ATQ Spring Meetup scheduled that day. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, contact me through my profile or join us on Facebook.

Addicted to Quack has teamed up with the University of Oregon to offer the opportunity for local kids to attend the Women's Lacrosse game with us during the ATQ Spring Meetup. Addicted to Quack members will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for local kid that will let them go to the game for free and participate in the easter egg hunt promotion following the conclusion of the contest between the Oregon Ducks and Virginia Tech Hokies. If you can't make it to the game with us on April 11th, think of the children!

There are lots of spots available if you are interested in attending the ATQ Spring Meetup in person. JConant will be there and he said he is even going to bring nametags! Your very own nametag! How can you pass that up?

How Do I Purchase a Ticket?

Contact dvieira and he will give you information on how to send the payment. The payment processing will be done through paypal or via personel check 

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of the tickets are the same as the group rate for the ATQ Spring Meetup, $2 per ticket.

But I want to go to the ATQ Spring Meetup and bring all of my friends!

Awesome! The more the merrier! Contact dvieira through his email address in his profile to get all signed up. Please include your full name, SB Nation user ID, email address and phone so he can get in touch with you.

What are the deadlines?

March 29th - last day to sponsor a child to go to the game (THIS SUNDAY)
April 4th - last day to get pre-registered for the ATQ Spring Meetup
April 11th - We show up, meet each other and cheer for the Ducks at Pape Field!