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Poll: What should the Pac-10's new commissioner Larry Scott focus on?

After 26 years as commissioner of the Pac-10, Tom Hansen is stepping down. His successor will be Larry Scott, current chairman and CEO of the Women's Tennis Association. The Oregonian's Bob Rickert thinks the choice is solid, but ponders what the incoming commissioner's first move will be:

"Scott's first focus is likely to be trying to get better television contracts or find innovative ways to create more exposure for the conference. The creation of a Pac 10 network, new media, partnerships with cable companies and networks of course are all possible with the right connections and new ideas. Scott looks like the right guy for a job like that."

What do you think? With poor bowl affiliations and awful TV contracts, as well as a complete lack of innovation and open-mindedness from the previous commissioner, what should Scott focus his efforts on first?