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Morning Quack Fix: 3.27.09

With some brackets going down in flames last night, lets just get to the quack:

  • Bob Clark is reporting that Kilkenny has yet to meet with Kent. Kilkenny says, "We’re still kind of gathering some information." I think that by "gathering information," he means, "waiting for Gonzaga to lose."
  • As was noted in the fanshot by CPassmore, the Oregon-Boise State game will be moved to Thursday, September 3rd. I'm not really sure how I feel about this. While the national exposure is nice, it also kind of sucks not to have a Duck game on the opening Saturday of college football.
  • The Civil War starts up again today after a long break. Oregon and Oregon State will battle it out starting at about 3pm today. I'm really not expecting Oregon to do much in this series. While Oregon can't hit the broad side of a barn, the Beavers are simply tearing the cover off the ball. They have been outstanding at the plate this season, and it could be a long 3 days for the baseball team.
  • has a nice piece on Aaron Brooks, who has been excelling in Houston. It's nice to see him doing well, and I know I'll be cheering for him during the playoffs.
  • George Schroeder says that the Paul Westhead hire is so crazy, it just might work. Well, people actually are talking about Oregon women's basketball, so that's an improvement from the Bev Smith era.
  • In case you missed it, make sure to check out Dave's Weekly Thoughts, which are one post down.

As always, leave your thoughts, links, and whatever else in the comments. GO DUCKS!