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Morning Quack Fix: 3.30.09

Well, we're gonna have to wait one more day for spring practice, which has been delayed until tomorrow, so let's get right to the quack:

  • Oregon lost the rubber match of the Civil War series 8-1 yesterday. While the loss wasn't great, I'm just excited that Oregon was able to steal a game from the Beavers. Without a strong lineup, it's going to be tough to win in the Pac-10. But overall, it was great to have Civil War baseball back, and in a great atmosphere in front of so many fans. If you want to check out some video highlights of the loss, you can do so here.
  • You know what hasn't happened lately? The Oregonian hasn't run a hit job on the athletic department. Whoops, somebody better get on that. Rachel Bachman wrote a ground breaking piece that lets everyone know that The Oregon Athletic Department gets money from a state created lottery that creates money for all athletic departments in state universities. Supposedly this flies in the face of being self-sufficient. You know, because the athletic department took money from a program that was created for the very purpose of generating money for state athletic departments. But Bachman did a great job pointing out what we've always said: Unlike our brethren to the north, the University of Oregon athletic department does not need financial assistance from the school or the state.
  • As noted in Takimoto's fanpost, Tony Celotto is leaving the program and giving up football. Here's Moseley's full story. He's leaving for a variety of personal reasons, and the departure of Michael Gray played a role. This will definitely have an impact on DT depth, as Celotto was slotted as the top defensive tackle for the spring.
  • Moseley also did a feature on Kelly's transition to head coach. The piece is definitely encouraging for duck fans. Kelly has hit the ground running. He's definitely got an edge that Bellotti didn't have, and it will be interesting to see how that develops. Kelly also seems to have a head start on a lot of the administrative duties and taking charge of the entire program, and it's clear he's put a lot of work into that area the last few months. But, everything is easy now. Kelly himself recognizes, "we haven’t had a game yet. So everybody still loves me.”

That's all for now. Leave any links of comments below. Go Ducks!