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ATQ Exclusive: Chip Kelly Steps Down as Head Coach

Sources confirmed to Addicted to Quack on Wednesday that Chip Kelly will be stepping down as coach of the University of Oregon football team effective immediately. Kelly has been the Oregon head coach for only 2 weeks, following Mike Bellotti who resigned to become athletic director. An announcement is expected sometime on Wednesday, possibly coinciding with the announcement that Ernie Kent will return for the 2009-10 season as head coach of the men's basketball team. Nick Aliotti, defensive coordinator will be promoted to head coach immediately.

The details of why Chip Kelly abruptly resigned are unclear. As Addicted to Quack gets more details, we will be posting them to our Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, and here on the main site.

Dave Frohnmayer issued this statement.

"We are very pleased to have Nick Aliotti take over the head coaching duties for the University of Oregon. With the backing of the University, donors, staff and the undeniable fan support he receives, we are very excited for the future of the University of Oregon football program."

Chris Petersen, head coach of Boise State, had this comment

"I'm excited to see Nick Aliotti take over for Chip Kelly at my alma mater. He probably has more knowledge of the passing game than anyone in college football today. I look forward to shaking his hand after our game in September."

Pete Carroll from USC also issued a statement

"Congratulations to Nick Aliotti. I wish him nothing but the best in his efforts to maintain his track record at the University of Oregon, only in a greater capacity. I look forward to seeing him on the sidelines this season at Autzen. His work with Tight Ends is unparalleled in the world of college athletics."

No word on who will become the new offensive coordinator but early signs are pointing to Andy Ludwig, current offensive coordinator for the California Golden Bears. Given his history with the program, he is most certainly the front runner. Thought to be a dark horse in the race is Mark Few, head coach of the men's basketball program at Gonzaga. An alum with family ties to the area, Few doesn't have quite the background in offensive football that Ludwig has but can't be discounted because of his work turning Gonzaga into a powerhouse and his ties to the local community.

A spokesman for Ernie Kent, head coach of the University of Oregon men's basketball team, released this quote from Coach Kent on condition of anonymity.

"I think Mark Few would be an excellent candidate for the job. He would make a huge difference in the Oregon Football program. His 'run and gun', speedy style of offense is the perfect change from the slow, methodical, dry schemes that Coach Kelly employed."

The University of Oregon will be holding a press conference to announce the changes starting at 3pm PST on Wednesday. Please continue to visit Addicted to Quack for more information.