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Women's Lacrosse Defeats Virginia Tech at the ATQ Spring Meetup, 15-10

The ATQ Spring Meetup 2009 is in the books. Not a bad turnout for ATQ members given it was 1) a Lacrosse game and 2) on Easter weekend. The idiot that came up with having an event on Easter weekend should be beaten with a stick behind the Mo-center. Overall, it was a lot of fun for all the parties involved. One lucky ATQ reader in SherrieC walked away with a free iPod Shuffle. I swear, it wasn't rigged. It just goes to show you though...anything can happen at an ATQ event. You wanted to get an iPod but didn't show up? Well, that will teach YOU for not showing up for the event. She has since informed me that she doesn't NEED an iPod so we might throw this in the pool for a future ATQ event.

Before I give my thoughts on the event, I wanted to give some thanks to some folks that helped make all of this happen. First and foremost, Aimee Schmidt and her counterparts at the University of Oregon. She was responsible for managing the somewhat odd request of sending local kids to the game and came through with flying colors. Through her contacts in the community, ATQ members and the University of Oregon were able to send 2 entire youth teams to the game for free before they were scheduled to have their own match later in the day. Special thanks also to the great number of ATQ readers that helped contribute to sending those kids to the games. Also, thanks to the members that came out to try something a little different and see a Lacrosse game. Onto some thoughts...

–Pape Field was at about 85% capacity and it felt like a big time game. It was senior day so I suspect the games aren't normally as crowded. It made for a great atmosphere.

Joe Giansante was at the scoring table before the game started but I didn't see him much after the teams started going. There is a picture of him on the ATQ Facebook site. I'm betting he was hoping that more baseball games were being broadcast to the 4 people that actually get the Comcast Sports Network.

–Virginia Tech had some very fast players on their team and seemed to routinely outrun the Duck defense down the field.

Anna Poponyak, goalkeeper for Oregon, was absolutely amazing to watch live. During the game, she recorded her 500th career save and she looked effortless doing it. Reaction time is off the charts.

–The Hokies ran out to a 4-1 lead early in the game but the Ducks stormed back and took a 2 goal lead at halftime.

–The game was very close going into the 4 and a half minute mark in the second half when the Ducks called a timeout, huddled up, then came out and scored 4 unanswered goals to win the game 15-10.

–This being my first Lacrosse game, I have to admit. I was pretty nervous about whether I was going to like it or not. Turns out, Lacrosse is my type of game. It has the strategy and feel of basketball on an open field. JConant and I commented to each other about Ernie taking some ideas from the plays the team was running. I will definitely be going back and encouraging others to check out the team next season.

JConant and I will be setting up something a little grander for the next ATQ get together, currently planned for the Football Spring Game on May 2nd at 2pm. Think BBQ foods, drinks, and the whole lot. We'll be making announcements about it as we get closer so plan on joining us to see the Chip Kelly Era begin in earnest with the spring game. Also, if you are on Facebook and planning on going to the game already, make sure you visit the event page to see all the goings on. Also check us out on Twitter if you haven't already.

Thanks again for making the ATQ Spring Meetup 2009 such a great success and I more scheduling events on Easter. For photos of the event, check out the ATQ Spring Meetup 2009 photo album.