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Ernie Kent Punishments for Crittle, Dunigan and Williams Made Public

The University of Oregon sent out a release today regarding the punishment handed down by Ernie Kent to Josh Crittle, Michael Dunigan and Teondre Williams. You may recall that they were up to some shenanigans at Alton Baker Park a couple weeks back. All three were assigned community service as part of team disciplinary actions. That punishment is in addition to whatever fine they may have to pay given the outcome of the misdemeanor charges against them. Ron Bellamy has a write up about it. Here's the meat of it...

--Crittle, Dunigan and Williams began working with Eugene's Greenhill Human Society last Friday.
--All three will also attend a Humane Education class.

Very good pick of an organization by Kent and crew. Given the nature of the crime, working with animals that haven't had an easy life of it seems like a good "parenting" move. That being said, the punishment could have been a lot worse for the three involved.