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Poll: Civil War Football to Portland?

The Apple Cup could potentially be moved to Qwest field in Seattle for next year and possibly beyond as athletic departments at the University of Washington and Washington State look for revenue. Both programs stand to get a $2 million guarantee for the game if played in Seattle and lawmakers are all up in a tizzy over it. There are some other notable neutral site games out there in college football, notably the Red River Rivalry (or Shootout if you are old school) as well as the Army-Navy game. The Civil War game was played at a neutral site during the 1912 and 1913 editions of the game, both games being played in Albany. In baseball, the Civil War game in Portland at PGE Park was a great success, bringing out fans from both sides of the aisle to support their team making for a great atmosphere. Does moving the Civil War game to Portland make sense for the rivalry game between Oregon and Oregon State?