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Jim Warsaw - Dead at age 61

From this RG article:

Jim Warsaw, the namesake who helped propel the University of Oregon’s James Warsaw Sports Marketing Center into one of the leading programs of its kind, died Wednesday

The impact Jim had on the University of Oregon was profound. The Sports Marketing program at the U of O is one of the tops in the country, due in large part to Jim's dedication to the university, not just in a financial way but also in time and dedication. When he went to school in the 60's, but ended up getting pulled out of school by his father because of his failing grades. In 2006, he ended up heading back to the U of O to get his degree. From his graduation, I couldn't have said it better.

I’m a Duck. My values are Oregon values. My philosophy of life is Oregon. I could not go through the end of my life and not say that I graduated from the University of Oregon. -- Jim Warsaw, `06

From this Duck, you will be missed Jim.